hermione – she gets it

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  1. The one thing that bothers me more than blind devotees are those who completely close on possibility. Really they are two sides of the same coin. There is more to this world that science hasn’t yet discovered.

    1. I have an open mind, Adubz. Show me the evidence for your god and I will accept it. Science doesn’t except revealed knowledge or faith claims as evidence.

      If you went to a doctor and asked for a medical test and the doctor said that it has been privately revealed by a god to your Doctor that you do not need this test would you accept this or go to another doctor?

      1. I suppose the best evidence is the Third Law of Thermodynamics: matter cannot be created nor destroyed, yet we have a universe. Therefore, we are left with two possibilities: 1-matter has always existed or 2-Someone created both matter and the law. Thus, one must simply decide, either God is eternal or matter is eternal. To me, it is far easier to accept an eternal God, because it makes most other problems quite simple. Believing in eternal matter creates many problems. I hope that was better than most of the accusatory and crazy ranting you get from most religious types. God bless.

        1. Matter is simple. Most gods proposed are massively complex and powerful. If you are going to have something eternal, wouldn’t it be easier to have something simple?

        2. In other words, you accept the unproven and highly improbable because it’s “easier?”

          That shows a degree of mental laziness that’s typical of theists. “I don’t know/understand it, therefore, god did it.”

          That’s why you theists are regarded with derision and contempt by rational people.

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