watch the world and learn

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    1. What do you mean I wanted to scam you out of a buck. LOLI just read SEO lies twice, once to see how much I wasn’t using, and the senocd time to take notes for testing.As much as you think you know, there is always more to learn. There is some real good stuff in the book, some real good links, the links alone are worth allot. Heck one good link to a new site can save you thousands sometimes.There are a few things that I got a little more verification on, that is good to verify your testing.I actually would recommend it to everyone. But especially someone that doesn’t really understand web 2.0. The old basics are still there but understanding the new web completely is a must, I have a feeling it will continue to change and change fast. So we have to stay on top of things.I highly recommendSEO lies. Well worth the money.I plan on doubling my moneyLOLBrad West ~ onomoney

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