1500 years ago

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    1. Well done. Very few people know English grammar well enough to know the correct word in that case. But, as Mark Twain said, “No one has perfect grammar all the time.” As he added, “Deliberately using poor grammar is unforgivable.” (or words to that effect)

      1. Oh James, You stupid stupid SOB. You are named after Saint James he wos the frend of the sun of God! Turn, turn and face the Lord and Praise Him. You stupid POS you will Burn In Hell, Forever in Hell. Will you never lern?

        1. You people actually believe this stuff. Were you shocked to learn that the tooth fairy isn’t real… or have I said too much?

          I see Christian kindness is alive and well. Calling people names and passing on your psychotic god’s threats. Is this what the Jesus character of your magic book would do? Wait! Yes it is! He’d curse fig trees, beat up bankers and then go on a name calling spree.

        2. First of all, you should really learn how to spell. Second, I think you just proved our point with all of your hate and threats. Third, nothing in James’ message says that he is an atheist, he is talking about grammar. Fourth, did you really just use his name as a reason for why he should become a Christian? (If he is an atheist, because we don’t know.)

  1. While not wrong, the argument is pointless. The religious people being laughed at today did not commit those crimes, so they should not be held accountable for them. I am not my ancestors. So what that means is that the entire interaction takes place outside of the influence of that history, and should be taken completely alone and judged accordingly. It’s the “Your granddaddy killed my granddaddy, therefore you owe me penance,” only with even less pain and suffering by the atheist victim here.
    Also, what was done to atheists was horrible, and it is a fantastic part of our culture that people without religious beliefs can live free from official persecution.

    1. Non sequitor. This argument is made to respond to theists who complain about religion being laughed at, sometimes even trying to call being mocked some kind of persecution. Being laughed at isn’t restitution, it isn’t paying for the sins of your forefathers, its a response to the sillyness of religion – and being mad about being laughed at is itself funny when compared to the treatment of non-believers through history. Very little is outside the influence of history. If your granddaddy killed my granddaddy, you can;t be mad if I make fun of you for it.

    2. Interesting…you are capable of understanding the moral fallacy of paying for the crimes of one’s ancestors yet are apparently incapable of applying that logic to your own religion (I assume you are Christian). Am I not a sinner in your god’s eyes because of Adam and Eve’s transgressions? Was Jesus not killed as payment for the sin’s of others? Am I not now indebted to Jesus for dying for someone else’s crimes? Ahhhh…now you’re beginning to see.

    3. Religion stomps on anyone that doesn’t agree with them – continue to this day, just in other forms. Grow up and stop seeing things as black and white – the world is filled with color.

    4. “The religious people being laughed at today did not commit those crimes”. True of course without doubt. However, isn’t that the basis of the doctrine of so-called “original sin”?

    5. true , you are not your ancestors, and you all dont act as quite as badly as you used to ; but you are still believe the same old foolishness.(animist to Zoroastrians)!!

  2. I don’t laugh at the religious people. Neither to I laugh at the handicapped people. Nor at the mentally retarded. Am I pretending to be perfect? No, I can’t because I laugh at “dumb blond jokes”.

    1. I like laughing at anyone who is being stupid. I won’t apologize for it, nor will I stop doing it. There is nothing wrong with that.

      Laughing at handicapped people (physical or mental) is a different issue – if they have the wherewithal to comprehend that their capacity is diminished and their course of action or behavior will not be fruitful then I say fair game.

      Anyone who fails to make the most of their intellect is fair game as far as I am concerned.

    1. This is being done by people of a different faith. Countries with lots of atheists are far more tolerant of religious believers than religious believers are of anyone, theist or atheist, who does not believe as they do. Religion breads intolerance and arrogance.

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