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  1. oi! delete this website! this is just rude and mean to the people who are actually theists! i find that very disrespectful and slefish! how would you people feel if you were told not to go outside EVER! You should have known better. Hasn’t anyone ever told you, ‘If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all’? Clearly not. I feel bad for you, as you lack intelligence, which might come in handy these days. GET. A . lIFE . learn to respect because this website…. is racist and is making fun of theists.

    1. Here we see the fruits of religion. Some babbling idiot thinks that only their opinions are valid and that they can gag other people.

      No concession is given for the idea that their beliefs are based on being rude, mean, disrespectful and selfish.

      If you followed your own advice and said only nice things, I wouldn’t be deciphering your unintelligible ravings. Take this sentence for example: “I feel bad for you, as you lack intelligence, which might come in handy these days.” Does this mean something to you? Why don’t you collect your “thoughts” and have another go at making a point, if you have one?

      I have a life. Part of that life is holding a mirror up to the horrible things that religion does to people. For example, making women walk around with a bag over their heads. That is a horrible thing to do to a person. It is designed to make women breeding stock owned by men. The first goal of most religions is to subjugate women and make them men’s sexual property.

      You can say that they choose this but tell me what would happen if they took the bag off their heads? I know what would happen. Jerks like you would rape them and the law would do nothing to protect them Worse still, they would be punished for causing their own rape! So they are free to choose to live in a sack or be raped. Some choice!

      Racism? You should look up the term. I can’t be racist about a religious group. Further, it is not discussing a religion, it is discussing a garment. According to your definition of “racism”, all religions are racist because they claim that all other religious groups are wrong about religion. Or are you going with the idea that I am racist for disliking the sack as a fashion? Do you consider fashion critics to be the most racist people of all? Sorry. That sentence falls down at: “Do you consider…”. If you considered things you wouldn’t be here ranting about… what ever you are ranting about…

      Your offence cards don’t carry any weight here. I will not be removing anything at your ill considered advice.

      Fuck Off! :D

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