Physicists: Just because you're not smart enough to know what the fuck they're talking about doesn't mean God exists.

Physicists: Just because you’re not smart enough to know what the fuck they’re talking about doesn’t mean God exists.

Pastor Bites Head Off Baby Rabbit After Rousing Sermon!

Pastor Deacon Fred Teaches Church Members a Valuable Lesson About the Sanctity of Easter by Biting the Head off of a Bunny Rabbit

Pastor bit the head off of this bunny rabbit to teach the congregation a valuable lesson about the sanctity of EasterFreehold, Iowa – The Dillard Henderson family were in the middle of a lovely Stouffer’s Sunday dinner last week when a sin posse of twenty church Deacons burst into their kitchen armed with shotguns and several dozen gallons of gasoline. There was a great commotion as the Deacons demanded to know where 12-year-old Stewart Henderson was hiding his bunny rabbit, “Mr.Cottonelle Tail.”


‘Atheist bible’ an impossible fairy story, say Christians

THE idea that people could do good things without religion is a child’s fairy story, Christians have claimed.

Leading clerics have dismissed atheist philosopher AC Grayling’s ‘secular bible’ as a ‘cheap con trick designed to keep people scared by telling them they are instinctively co-operative’.

Grayling’s The Good Bookexplains why human beings are capable of being nice to each other even without the guidance of divisive, self-serving organisations that preach a moral doctrine riddled with obvious contradictions.

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U.S. To Just Hand Terry Jones Over To Fundamentalist Muslims

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“In response to the uproar surrounding Terry Jones, the Florida pastor whose Koran-burning last month sparked riots in Afghanistan that have so far claimed at least 24 lives, the State Department announced today its plan to “just pack [Jones] up and ship him over there” so that fundamentalist Muslims can take out their anger on him directly.”

Source: The Onion

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Debate Flow Chart

Thank you for requesting to have a discussion with me about this topic. Discussions are a dialog between people in which the participants are willing to alter their position if it makes sense to do so.  Sometimes, people confuse “discussion” with “sermon” or “lecture”. These non-discussions are a waste of time since all parties are intractable in their existing views.

Confirmation Bias works in Islam too.

Surah Ar-Rahman (55):

37. When the sky is torn apart, so it is (like) a red rose, like ointment

38. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Humans wander around looking at things saying: “That looks like a rose” or similar.
OK, so it looks like a rose.  What about the rest of the sentence. Was the sky torn apart?
This didn’t happen in the sky, this happened in space. In what way is it like ointment.