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“I’ll be writing at length about this later, but I thought my readers might be interested in a comic published by Access Ministries, that suggests that all teachers are lazy misanthropes, and perhaps more damningly, that the way to avoid bullying is to pray them away!” Link

Images and Access store page showing purchase of the anti-teacher comic strips: Link

In the end a trained psychiatrist or psychologist could have helped everyone in this situation:

  • The angry, bullying teacher needed help because his anger is getting in the way of his work.
  • The kid being bullied who took to pestering everyone to try to get a result. The teacher’s actions will probably just make matters worse.
  • The other teacher who dismissed the problem.
  • And most of all the bully needs help to stop, not to be taught how to be a better bully by an angry teacher.

What would a chaplain have done? Listened without skill? Tried offering some advice? Quoted a bit of scripture?

Passion of the Christ

Just watched Passion of the Christ with my good sista Josie and watched her tear up through the entire show….somebody owes me a box of tissue, hehehe. Luv ya Sissy

That was a good movie if you are a Christian and know the bible, i took a non Christian who didn’t know anything, and she was lost and didn’t get anything out of it. I spent the movie trying to explain who was who, and what was going on. It was like a fairy tale to her

That would be because it is a fairy tale.