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  1. Mohohawaii – Congratulations on catching sohimteng I was wondering if anyone would catch (and/or call me on)!I realized upon completing this essay that, in fact, I probably have evolved to a position that is closer to my BYU professor than I once would have liked to admit.As far as Book of Mormon historicity goes, it certainly would be convenient for testimony-bearing LDS if we actually knew where Zarahemla was or someone found golden plates somewhere in central America engraved with “Reformed Egyptian” characters. Since we don’t have those things, we have to make do with the scholarship produced by FARMS, which tends to be more apologetic in nature. For example, FARMS scholars have devoted attention to the problem of whether steel weapons would survive as artifacts for 1500 years in a tropical environment. Even if they’ve made their case, all they’ve succeeded in doing is pointing out that you can’t argue non-existence from lack of evidence. It’s not nearly the same thing as finding actual 2000-year-old steel swords of Middle Eastern workmanship in some cave in Guatemala.So you do, to a certain extent, have to hold your faith in tension with what science currently knows when it comes to that kind of stuff.But I’m OK with saying that I don’t have all the proof I’d like, so I’m going to have to wait to see if we eventually uncover more. In the meantime the Book of Mormon is still a powerful text to me, sohimteng that continues to be a vehicle through which I receive revelation from God and grow as a person.

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