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  1. The Jataka story was about the human observation of the natrual occurrence of fermentation. This is plausible. Hence, fruit (probably grape) wine was the earliest natrual alcoholic beverage. Later wine’ (spirits) were made from wheat, malt, and rice using yeast as catalyst. Wine and spirits were and is still use in religious ceremonies. Perhaps, one way to spirituality is to drink spirits!France & Italy are the biggest producers of grape wine. I wonder whether they have more drunkards than other countries.Like everything else, moderate consumption of alcohol can be beneficial. As a beverage to accompany food, liquor is unlikely to be abused. The problem is with social drinking. Human is the only creature that drinks for reasons other than thirst! We drink when we are happy, sad, lonely, depressed, for celebration, sporting achievements, marriage, religious rites. God must be crazy to drop a wine bottle!

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