2 Replies to “Same sex marriage vs first cousin marriage”

  1. What is the point of these maps? What is the message? Is the suggestion here that while there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage…there IS something inherently wrong with cousin marriage? That is ridiculous. Two consenting adults should be allowed to marry in every state whether they share the same gender or the same grandparents….

  2. Your comment has sent me on a little journey of discovery. I thought the mutation rate for cousin marriage offspring was high but it seems that it’s only as high as the mutation rate for mothers over 40, and banning that would be untenable. If cousin marriage doesn’t cause a much higher mutation rate in the offspring of that marriage then my one objection to it is void. We agree that adults should be allowed to do what they want if it does no harm to others.

    So, if neither same sex nor cousin marriage cause harm, why do we ban same sex marriage in so many states and cousin marriage in so few?

    Thanks for your comment.

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