Unanswered Prayers of Children

In the end, abused children make confused, broken adults, thus better tithe-bots.
So those men and women of god are doing their god’s work by making more people faithful.
Unfortunately it is children who are paying the price.

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    1. I don’t see any special rhigts needing to be invoked for communities wishing to celebrate Christmas.Boy I just can’t wait for winter-is-half-over day. How boring! At least you might consider summer-is-half-here day? The ability to be festive really is very akin to religion. For example, the word (and idea) holiday came from the tradition that allowed workers to celebrate a holy day . The best the secular world can come up with is Cancer Awareness Day or Labour Day I’ll stick with Christmas thank you!

  1. My girlfriend was raped when she was thirteen-sixteen by a man that was dating her mom and had them all go to church, and apparently forgave him because it’s the Christian thing to do. It’s not gonna stop me from putting his ass in jail, though. >:3

    1. A nunny mouse: I know I don’t know all the details. It’s difficult to reply to you without sounding presumptuous or lecturing. If my comment comes across that way please know that this is not my intention. I really want to have a discussion about forgiveness. This is a bit of a re-run of a very useful discussion I had with a friend who went to the same school as I did. We weren’t that close at school but we knew each other a little. We hadn’t had any contact for many years but met up again on FaceBook. She was a victim of prolonged child abuse at a very young age. I had no idea when we were young. Recently the abuser was dying. He would not see her or admit the abuse. She stood in front of him and forgave him anyway, not for his benefit but for herself. It gave her strength. She took her life back.

      Forgiveness has been twisted. What you have described is a good example of how twisted forgiveness harms people. Was your girlfriend supposed to benefit from this twisted forgiveness?

      True forgiveness would be for your girlfriend, not the rapist. Forgiveness is, in a counter-intuitive way, a selfish act. Forgiveness will allow your girlfriend to let go of feelings of hate and a consuming desire for revenge. This doesn’t mean that she has to let go of wanting to see justice served. Revenge and justice can look alike but they aren’t particularly the same thing. Forgiveness and justice can help to heal. Revenge can harm both parties. Confucius is said to have said: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” The implication here is that a desire for revenge may ultimately hurt the seeker as much as the victim. (Wikipedia)

      Forgiveness doesn’t mean she has to like, respect or see this dreadful person. It just means she doesn’t have to let hatred and thoughts of revenge consume her life. My friend let vengeful thoughts consume half of her life.

      An adult who has sex with a 13 year old needs to face the full force of the law. If she is able to forgiven him, perhaps she will be able to get through the court case with less trauma.

      Your desire to protect your girlfriend is very admirable but don’t forget to love and support her, and encourage her to make her own choices, even if you can’t understand those choices, while she goes through what will probably be a horrible ordeal. Your love and support will get her through it better than your justified rage.

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