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    1. Actually it’s not one of “his moments of brilliance,” since every single word that comes out of this man’s mouth is strategically written and mapped, like a game of chess, by a crack team of speech writers who live and breath for the sole purpose of making him sound like a god every time he opens his mouth.

      It’s all bullshit, this man, like the rest, is an empty headed machine just going through the motions until his masters are through with him. The fact that people are naive enough, not only to put bullshit like this on the Internet and credit these people with quotations they had no part in creating, but to waste their time photoshopping this monster’s (and others’) despicable face to further his god like demeanor makes me feel like there is no hope left for this country.

      Seriously, what is wrong with u people? Do you really think he cares? Or has any thoughts of his own at all? If you want to live in a hole and believe the lie, that’s fine, but quit trying to drag the rest of the world down in there with you.

  1. Damn it, I did internally read it in his voice, and you caught me.

    He has very specific cadences and patterns which make him easy to imitate. Slow, up inflections (except for the ends of very long words) and sometimes he inserts pauses between clauses, other times he goes through without breathing. Always allows time between each sentence.

  2. Can we please stop talking about race every time a picture of president Obama appears?
    He is black. So what?

    He is the elected president of the USA. He was elected by a large majority to be the anti-Bush.
    Do you remember G. W. Bush, the war criminal who plunged the entire planet into the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression? Remember him? Never forget!

    Barack Obama is our president and his race, his snack of choice and his favorite sports channel mean nothing. Please stop obsessing about something that just does not matter.

    The president, who is strongly Christian, has said something very wise about his treatment of American issues. He said that he, as president of USA, is required by his office to represent all Americans, those of all religions as well as those who have no religion, in all matters.

    Bravo, Mister President, bravo.

  3. I hit this site using StumbleUpon
    “Theists say they can love the sinner and hate the sin. I call BS! So I’ll say I’m laughing at the belief, not the believer. See how that doesn’t work?”

    I am an atheist, however I do not see the logic behind this. I do not believe in bad people but I do believe there are people that have done bad things.

    Extreme extreme example: Hitler did many bad things like killing 5-6 million people and waging war on sovereign nations. But he was also nice to his mother and other people that he cared about. I don’t hate Hitler however I (greatly) dislike the things Hitler did.

    I don’t laugh at the people that believe stupid shit (All people that believe in god, including the people that believe that Nature+Physics=GOD) but I can laugh at the stupid shit they believe in…Talking snake, life after death, granting X amount of virgins in the afterlife if they {insert anything from self-termination to shopping at Walmart}.

    Example: My boss’s boss believes in God and attends a catholic church. I don’t laugh at him (for that) I respect him for taking the time to achieve a position of authority and that he makes 2X-3X more then I do.

    The philosophy I describe is inspired by the greatest psychologist my college professors ever forced me to meet Dr. Albert Ellis (you can wiki him (he is dead now), he invented Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy.

    So anyway, I dislike this one quote on the header of this website, but I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!

    1. If I read this:
      “I don’t laugh at the people that believe stupid shit (All people that believe in god, including the people that believe that Nature+Physics=GOD) but I can laugh at the stupid shit they believe in…Talking snake, life after death, granting X amount of virgins in the afterlife if they {insert anything from self-termination to shopping at Walmart}.”

      I think it agrees with this:
      “Theists say they can love the sinner and hate the sin. I call BS! So I’ll say I’m laughing at the belief, not the believer. See how that doesn’t work?”

      We can agree to disagree, Steve. :)

  4. @Amused:

    Either it’s all a sham and the kid isn’t his (which wouldn’t surprise me, this being the USA), or he actually knows all about it, and maybe even read up on the issues related to abortion.

    That he does not seem to speak his mind is because, as a President of the US of A, he cannot do that… He needs to be careful and circumspect.

  5. Typical BS from the BSer in Chief. Lots of folks have provided non-thiestic arguments against abortion. The problem is that that Barack Hussien Obama is a pathological liar, and therefore he constantly demagogues the issue by arguing against straw men. In short, his argument is that religious people who oppose his asinine worldview should stay out of the public square. This is why Obama an his apparatchik have such animus toward the constitution.

    1. Robert,
      “In short, his argument is that religious people who oppose his asinine worldview should stay out of the public square.” Speaking of people inventing easily refuted strawman arguments…

      This quote does not tell religious people to stay out of the public square, merely that they should argue their point in a way that has meaning for everyone, not merely their co-religionists. People are perfectly welcome to publicly state that they oppose abortion (for example) because the bible says its wrong, (even though it doesn’t) but they are only going to convince their fellow Christians since any non-Christian is not likely to take the bible as the final authority. He is merely suggesting that they try and come up with non-denominational arguments if they want to reach beyond their particular sect. A pretty innocuous statement to anyone who isn’t suffering from Obama derangement syndrome, but lets face it, if he said the sky was blue you would probably have a tantrum over how the constitution never said the sky was blue.

  6. Love the simpleton, hate the simpletons arguments. The arguments presented: “The president doesn’t have the balls to knock anyone up”, and “The president is a pathological liar”. Robert, your straw man argument falls flat when supported by an easily disproved central hypothesis. Pathologies, like pathological lying, would have shown up years before now and someone besides yourself would have pointed it out, like his non-simpleton opponents. And as for not having the “balls to knock anyone up”…goodness me, amused, what a trip back to high school this insult is. If this is the quality of his opposition, I predict Obama will win a second term handily.

  7. well i’ll say that i am a “supporter” up front.

    however, a number of years ago he spoke at my university when running for state senator, against alan keyes, who was thought as a very good speaker.

    obama came across as a very genuine and thoughtful person. when confronted with questions about abortion he stated it quite simply that those who oppose rights for a women to choose and those who were for the freedom to choose might simply never agree and that is just something that both sides will have to accept.

    i really feel like he could have gotten a lot more accomplished as a person with some real ideals, but history will be the one to decide. after all, reagan is now seen as some great president, even with all of the friggin’ jellybeans and alzeimers.



  8. I don’t like that Obama implies that atheists have no moral values. I am an atheist and lean toward pro life. I am not completely pro life, there are very good arguments toward pro choice. If the choice were mine to make and I had to make it now I would chose Pro life except in the case that the woman’s life were endangered because of the pregnancy. And again I am a devout atheist.

    1. I don’t see that Obama is saying that atheists have no moral values. Are you talking about this statement? Has he said that atheists have no morals elsewhere?

      What you have said here is all pro-choice. Pro-choice is the middle ground, not the opposite of pro-life. The opposite of pro-life would be pro-abortion, compulsory abortions for all. Pro-choice says that individuals have to make choices based on what they find important.

  9. Abortion is the most complicated issue in America. Where all other issues really should be black and white(as in, is it constitutional or not?), this is the only issue involving two lives existing in the same physical body. So we turn to what is more important, the quality of life for one or the quality of life for another. There will always be those that think one is more important than the other, that is the nature of the situation. Therefore, an answer that pleases both sides will never be reached and that is why this is the only issue in America, I don’t think can really debated with objectivity.

  10. The first part of Pres. Obama’s statement is spot on, the problem with the logic that follows is that religion is only a very small part of the argument against abortion. The main arguments that should be used involve established laws (such as the endangered species protection laws and how the courts have been known to charge a person with double homicide if the woman that was killed is found to have been pregnant) as well as various scientific studies that have identified that life begins at the point of conception (which points back to the legal aspects mentioned above).

    Do some honest research in these areas and it becomes quite clear very early on that in every other incident outside of abortion, that the baby (whether human, avian, or animal) is considered to be an entity upon conception. What makes abortion different? Simply the fact that someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for their play time or thinks they are somehow entitled to snuff out the life of another if they find the situation uncomfortable or inconvenient. The only thing in this life more selfish than an abortion is suicide.

    1. Using established laws: You are arguing that an established law must be correct because it is an established law. Would you have argued that slavery was right because it was an established law?

      Endangered species: humans are not an endangered species. Why are you conflating endangered species laws with abortion laws.

      Double homicide: This is the firmest ground you stood on the whole time but it’s still not very firm. The fetus is a potential life. What if the murderer instead imprisoned a woman who was seeking an abortion and forced her to have the child. Would you think that the murderer had done a moral thing… I suspect you would think this. Your arguments lack nuance indicating that you are an authoritarian follower so you would think that secular laws have moral authority.

      …life begins at point of conception… : site the studies. On this site you can’t use the term: “scientific studies” to lend authority to flimsy arguments.

      Do some research: you need to read outside of your anti-choice circles. At conception, a zygote is formed. This is not a baby. A baby is a fully formed person who can survive outside of the womb. Anti-choice, forced-birthers can’t tell the difference, the rest of us can.

      … take responsibility for their play time…: now we come to your real motivation. You don’t like that other people are enjoying their sex life and you think that they should be punished. A nice punishment-baby to fuck their lives up. That should make them miserable so they can see how right you were to be anti-sex and anti-fun. You’ve tilted your right wing authoritarian hand. http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/

      Who has abortions? It’s not the party people out for the thrilling recreational abortion you would describe. An interesting collection of anecdotes from an abortion clinic shows us that anti-choice crusaders, like you, are the people having abortions, not those irresponsible people you seem to hate so much. http://mypage.direct.ca/w/writer/anti-tales.html

      You want the conclusion to come out as “abortion is wrong” and you simply don’t care that the reasoning that got you there is illogical. You came out with the answer you wanted so fuck showing the work. This probably works well in your anti-choice circle jerks but it ain’t gonna fly here.

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