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      1. He’s right, it is an ad hominem fallacy. It’s effectively saying “You know who else loved Jesus? Hitler.” Course, it might be construed as an ad hominem on Hitler for believing in Jesus. Depends on how you want to look at it, I suppose.

        Either way, I laughed.

        1. I took this to be a comment on Christian confirmation bias. They will accept anything that starts with “As a Christian I…” as inherently good. Christians say that Hitler was an atheist. They will not accept that the Third Reich was a Christian initiative. Any unexamined world view can lead to disaster.

          1. An ad hominem is not a formal logical fallacy guys, it’s an informal one. Which means that it is not always incorrect to use in argument (and by the way, there is no argument being made here to critique).

            Besides, this is NOT an ad hominem fallacy, it’s an example that demonstrates absurdity. An ad hominem would be something to the effect of: “Your argument is invalid because you are a Christian and so was Hitler.”

            Seriously, just because you’re an atheist does not universally define you as an expert on logic or philosophical discourse. Get over yourselves.

            I thought it was a clever post and fitting to the blog topic.

            1. It actually is an ad hominem fallacy, just not in the way you’re thinking about it. I believe Colin was pointing out that the fallacy is in the implication that the quote is somehow untrue or misguided simply because it was Hitler who said it.

    1. It is not an ad hominem fallacy, because there is no argument in this post lol. All “Jesse” did was point out that she was not a Christian and that Adolf Hitler said this quote. Its just something to make you think.

      1. I love it! But honey…people who believe in a book that was written by heathens, before we even knew that the world was round and has has so many fairy tales, like the one of the immaculate conception, giant floods, a talking snake, etc, don’t really think much do they? They usually are blinded by what the believe, believe being the operative word here.

        This post was too heavy for them.

  1. I’m not sure which is funnier, the post or the argument below it. You are both right, but in another, more accurate way bj is right. I have found that atheists are far more arrogant about their views than theists. These same jackass atheists mock theists because they have religious beliefs yet they themselves subscribe religiously to atheist ideologies. It’s a bait and switch joke just like any run-of-the-mill truck stop glory hole. Sure the Sharpie written on the stall wall says it’s a girl on the other side, and they are wearing high heels, and you are so horny you don’t stop to think “why is there a girl in a truck stop men’s room?”. But low and behold it’s some guy named Frank whose haulin’ 50 steers all the way to Texarcana and just wants some extra protein for the trip. We’ve all been there. Just take it for what it is, laugh, and go on your merry way. Moral of the story: as long as someone’s beliefs don’t affect you, leave them alone.

    1. **Warning Contents Include** Atheism is religion argument. Atheists are arrogant therefore wrong argument. Non sequitur allusion to gay truck stop glory hole (Graphic Content). Naive assumption religious belief has no effect on others.

      There is no response to the babbling idiocy displayed in this comment. All ignore this incoherent, babbling product of ignorance and failure.

    2. “long as someone’s beliefs don’t affect you, leave them alone.”

      The problem is, woodmon, that Christians’ beliefs DO affect me. They lobby the government to legislate morality according to their belief system. This is why pornography is proscribed and why prostitution is illegal in most Western countries. They push for books, films and music they don’t like to be banned and “decency” filters to be put on our internet connections. They seek to censor, control and ban anything that doesn’t agree with their doctrine.

      Religion has no place in politics – to the extent that I believe that anyone who professes belief in any religious system should be disbarred from standing for public office. Separation of church and state, to the last degree, may in the end be our only enduring guarantee of freedom.

    3. And as soon as the theists leave me alone, I will go for that. But the ignorant masses shove god down my throat at every turn, try to run my life on their beliefs. So fuck you, and the god you rode in on.

  2. Does it matter? Religious people in a deluded state of non-rational behaviour. We see it they don’t. Let’s just get on with presenting rational arguments and hope some eventually see it.

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