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  1. I think the “pears to swine” things is thrown out of proportion. Help people because its right, but if they continue to throw it in your face, there is no point. Just like giving a pig a pearl, they will not use the knowledge to better themselves.

    1. Alan – I’m not blaming the sarilecusm of the civil gay rights movement for HIV infection rate increases (any more than I’m blaming sexual liberation). I understand how you might think that’s what I’m saying (or meaning), since that kind of rhetoric is out there. I’m simply saying that spirituality — and spiritual community — provide us with a framework and a support network for making choices and keeping commitments related to these kinds of things that are rarely found in the kinds of organizations you typically find in the gay community.Sexual liberation is its own punishment (or reward, however you choose to look at it). If you want to have 30 sexual partners a month (and focus on whatever part of the body you want), you are free to do so; but maybe not free to do so and find the kind of satisfaction that comes from developing one intimate, life-long partnership with someone you truly love.Look, I’m not trying to debate with you the merits of whatever life course you choose, secular or religious or spiritual or however you choose to define that.You questioned me about my comment that I find myself more empowered with the kind of testimony and relationship with God that I’ve been able to find by returning to the Church than I found in the secular gay rights movement. I’ve tried to explain why I feel more empowered… That’s not really going to change, no matter how much we wrangle over definitions…Maybe the reason I use the term “secular” gay rights movement is because I catch flak all the time from members of the gay community, who see my choice to affiliate with the Church as some sort of betrayal or lunacy or the sad, sad consequence of years of brain-washing. This kind of defining doesn’t just come from religious folks…

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