Adam and Eve’s belly button’s are artistic licence.

I would go a little farther and place all religious texts in the artistic licence category.

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  1. The “Adam and Eve are painted with belly buttons” argument makes a relatively knowledgeable atheist look like the same kind of idiot he or she thinks the common Christian is.

    Assuming an all-powerful creator actually created humans, why the fuck couldn’t he have slapped a belly-button on them, for effect, or foreshadowing?

    Just please let this argument die. Christians believe Noah built an ark and threw practically EVERY kind of animal on it, and that Jesus healed people and turned water into wine. I see no legitimate reason the first two belly buttons couldn’t have been cosmetic.

    And I don’t believe in God. I just think some anti-theistic statements are just as ridiculous as the other side’s propaganda.

  2. Have we to conclude that this is not the “original” painting from – well archelogia does not know with certainty if this is from- Caïn or Abel .
    But I though that till now, scholars agreed to say that it was before the first murder…

    Hey, I was joking….

  3. The evil one came in the guise of a serpent. They ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. How can you sin with no knowledge of good and evil, and why did the real snakes, who had nothing to do with it get their asses kicked?

  4. Why stop with just artists who created paintings? Could this “taking artistic license” argument not also apply to the men who wrote the book? The entire Bible is “artistic license.” It’s all BS.

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