I don’t even have to make fun of theists..

At a Lincoln Nebraska City Council hearing this week to review a proposed LGBT protection ordinance, resident Jane Skrovota delivered a rambling, incoherent anti-gay rant that, for all its obvious bigotry, was mostly just plain weird. It’s amazing how much detail these ‘pure’ people of God go into so much raunchy detail of homosexuality and sex in general.

They humiliate (that’s not the same as humility) themselves every time they open their mouths.

4 thoughts on “I don’t even have to make fun of theists..”

  1. Wow. She obviously put a lot of effort into researching and producing (what was in her mind at least) a coherent argument for her position. Is it malicious to laugh at her? Yeah, but what she wants isn’t nice either.

    Let’s all smile with her, pat her on the back and conduct her politely back to her bridge club or knitting circle, ignore her and move on.

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