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  1. Don’t forget about the reenactments of cannibalism!
    We used grape juice in that old Southern baptist church I used to go to. The preacher’s wife broke up some saltines, put ’em on a candy dish, and served the juice in shot glasses, in these cool holders, specially made for shot glasses. My sister and I used to go home afterwards, eat crackers and drink grape juice out of my father’s shot glasses til we got sick, and forgot all about the “symbolism.” Good times….
    I think nobody really thought about the symbolism – eating body and drinking blood. EEEEEUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWW.

  2. I used to go to church with my wife, just to keep her happy and I would sit quietly for an hour and a half or so, it was Baptist also Jeaniej. Then some Sundays they would do that ritual you describe, with the grape juice (it’s really supposed to be done with wine according to the Bible) but when they did that 1) I didn’t understand the symbolism and/or what it means, and 2) found it disgusting. I finally had enough and didn’t play sick or anything on Sundays. simply told her I couldn’t take it anymore. Football and beer for me, not worshiping a superstition, I told her that in so many words (hey, you are suppose to be honest in marriage, right?) and she was absolutely crushed and spent hours praying for me. I felt like a heel but simply could not take any more.

    1. Divorce her and find someone not mentally ill. You can never trust a religious person.. They are all ticking time bombs waiting to explode. If you have children with this person, get them away from her or she will spend her life trying to rape their minds and making them ashamed of themselves for being born.

      There is no way to live with and or around religious people without being in the “closet” about who you are.. Telling them the truth will result on them turning on you and you will no longer be a loved one, but a tool of the devil..

  3. i think its more then symbolism i think its personal idenification. its like what you can relate too. to some you see a zombie guy on a stick and cannablism. to others you see a source of enlightenment. if you really want to talk symbolism lets debate thanksgiving and obesity. this religion shit is gettin old.its not going anywhere get use to it! i did

  4. I think we are in the midst of a big change in this religion thing. The old would have looked more impressive around 1600

    The emerging new is quite different. No theatrical effects as in the old. Mind science is emerging. Am I a light bulb or a radio receiver? Where/when our lives lived stay suspended and become part of what?

    But eating flesh and drinking blood? Only for dinner.

  5. If you ONLY follow a religion, you’ll never do what God seeks from you. “Religions” are the trappings man made to try and reach God. God wants ‘you’ to recognize he’s about, and immensely capable of more than you can imagine. And then seek Him and His way; or you’re just a creature He made. Love Him., He’ll love you back. Deny Him, your end could end up pretty ‘warm’.

    1. Your petty threats of Hell don’t work here, Rich. Show me evidence for your god – your particular version of god – then you wont have to go special pleading. God/s might be self evident to you, to me their non-existence is self evident. Given that you make a positive claim, you need to provide positive evidence for your claim. The wishy-washy: He’s all around you and He Loves you isn’t evidence, that is a subjective interpretation of private experience and, thus, entirely inaccessible to me.

    2. The dictionary definition of a religion is worship or a supernatural being and associated rituals, which include prayer and reading of sacred literature. That makes your behavior a religion, whether you like the word or not. If you want to use a different word to describe what you do than you are not speaking standard English. You are speaking a made-up language that only you and your religious buddies understand so don’t be surprised when others think you are talking nonsense. It sounds that way to them.

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