Peter Medawar

Peter Medawar
Nobel Prize laureate, atheist, thanks to him organ transplantation is possible. According to the church, he should be in hell right now.

“I believe that a reasonable case can be made for saying, not that we believe in God because He exists but rather that He exists because we believe in Him.”

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  1. According to most theists, everyone should be in hell except those that believe exactly as they do. That seems to be smug arrogance unworthy of the peace’ tolerance, and love they claim to believe. Is it any surprise that “hypocrite” and “theist” have become semantically equal?

  2. There seems to be a tendency to link abberrant ‘christian’ behaviour, such as John Calvin practiced;he was the murderer of Servetus, his boy hood friend; with any and all who believe or practice what Christ lived and taught.This is not to defend the frivolous foolishness of many who cliam the name ‘Christian but rather to seek a middle ground of reason. Christopher Hitchens was my ‘favorite atheist’ as he did personally suffer tragedy in his life and tried to ‘reason’ his way through it. Those, who claim to be ‘Christian’ and threaten others with ‘whatever’ need to rehearse Eric Claptons song; ‘Before you accuse me; Take a look at your self. I think most of the fault truly lies at the door of ‘preachers’ who lead people into condemning others, as they have a vested interest in finances and control.

    1. The change you’ve outlined needs to come from within Christianity. only seeks to point out the absurdities that come from the sector of Christianity you have described.

  3. Hihihi, you exactly do what so many atheits reproach to theists : jugging the eternal fate of people, instead of God …
    Well, I’m fair : I just remark an incredible equality between the two of them….

    1. I’m not now, nor have I ever, jugged anyone… whatever-the-fuck that means. Unless, of course, you’re an actual sponge, in which case, well done on your computer skills and literacy.

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