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  1. Welp, how can we trust this information? It’s a well known fact that Al Gore invented the internet, and you don’t even mention him. I cannot take any of this seriously.

  2. Supernatural mumbo jumbo is merely a cheap answer to a poorly stated question: How did we all get here? Or What created it all?

    As if chance and billions of years was somehow not likely and there needed to be some entity setting it all in motion. The easy answer being some super person flipped a switch.

    Truth is, as anyone who makes even a cursory examination knows, is that while the individual mysteries of the universe are not so hard to understand there are so many. No simple answer will do!

    The bigness of the answer is too much for the simple minded who are unwilling to take the time to understand or accept that we as humans still haven’t addressed every mystery yet. Even as we advance upon these mysteries at an ever increasing rate, answers unfolding daily, there are those among us who are determined to believe the supernatural holds the answer to the question: How did we all get here.

    I suppose we all have a right to believe anything we want to but to be sure we recognize that what is real and what is not: We ought to have something more than a book, poorly transcribed and translated over the centuries that contradicts nearly everything it says and offends the natural laws that govern human interaction.

    Pockets of humanity all claiming to have some truth about the supernatural, fighting and killing over their “truths”, hasn’t achieved the universal acceptance you might expect after thousands of years of debate within the religious community.

    Not like the scientific community where acceptance of natural selection and evolution have gained literally universal acceptance.

    There is no god or gods. Zeus, Thor, Apolo, Jesus, Isis, Mohammed, et cetera are all just fabrication for the frightened, huddled mass of the uninformed. Get on with your life. One day you will die and you don’t want to regret not having lived your life for a flimsy promise of heaven, clouds, harps, and reuniting with your long lost relatives.

  3. Interesting wording. About 45 years ago, when I was obvsuoily quite a bit younger, I read a series of books by Carlos Castaneda about time spent with an Indian magician/witch doctor. At this time I had stopped (lost interest?) in being what today is called a militant atheist, I was thinking about possibilities of something somehow above the normal Frazer’s Golden Bough lots of anthropology, your words remind me of a though I had about Castaneda at the time, None of it happened, but it is all true . All these ideas and tradition could well have elements of truth but they are mostly wrapped in so much fluff that you could never find the seed. Nowadays I am 99% convinced it is 99% nonsense.

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