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  1. None of this has really stopped. Seven US states have provisions in their constitutions that prevent atheists from holding public office.

    Rarely does a day go by without proof that atheists have been threatened and even physically assaulted. Nor does any minute pass when theists are not spreading lies about atheists and promoting the lies that founded their own religion.

    Yes, some progress has been made, but there is a terribly long way to go. We’re like blacks in the 1950s. We’re more vocal and becoming more organized, but we’re hated even more vociferously than blacks ever were.

    1. @James Smith comparing atheists to blacks is extreme and dumbfounding. You’re comparing a group of people who were viewed as second class citizens just by the color of their skin, to a group of people who lack a belief in god.

      The 1950s is an era before civil rights! I agree that atheist are persecuted but not to that degree. (If that’s a real picture of you, then your comment about blacks loses even more merit).

      1. “You’re comparing a group of people who were viewed as second class citizens just by the color of their skin, to a group of people who are viewed as second class citizens just by their lack of a belief in god. ”

        Fixed that for ya.

        1. Spencer is correct… at least, somewhat.

          Someone who doesn’t know me can’t look at me and spit on me because I’m an atheist. I don’t wear the fact that I am an atheist on my chest. People don’t see my vehicle and trash it, because to them, I’m just some white guy. Obviously, neither thing is a huge problem anymore (especially in the area I live in).

          Blacks had it way worse in that time period.

          1. So you’re saying you have it better because you can hide the fact that you’re atheist? We shouldn’t HAVE to hide that fact. That’s like saying Jews didn’t have it as bad in the 30’s because they could just pretend they’re not. No matter what you are, you shouldn’t have to live in fear of being discovered and hurt because of it. Atheists have been murdered solely for the fact that we don’t believe in the magical wizard in the sky. Atheists have absolutely had it as bad as black people historically speaking. The only difference is the fact that discrimination against blacks has gotten more publicity, whereas discrimination against atheists gets swept under the rug.

  2. @Spencer – That is just the type of mentality that James is talking about. Being discriminated against – just because we don’t believe in YOUR god. If you don’t like the fact that I don’t see the world thru your eyes, then climb back into your little church and pray for my soul. Me, I’m going to have a beer and enjoy the little time that I have on this little rock.

    His comparison is spot on. Deal

  3. Yeah I got to agree but at least the tide seems to be turning, with more and more people realizing that religion is clearly BS.

    Half Baked Potatoes

  4. I love the idea that anyone tnkhis they can persuade the other side on this one.A guerrilla strategy where you actually fuck up children’s heads towards your cause is really the only way to go.The church are way ahead on this one. Atheists, if they give that much of a fuck, need to start brainwashing kids.Ads will just piss people off.Religious people and atheists are as bad as each other. I hope they both go to hell/cease to exist as soon as possible.

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