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  1. zilch however about the truth value. If you’re raeisd in the jungle in Africa, you’re less likely to believe in evolution than if you were raeisd in Europe. You came out with both guns blazing and that is the behavior of a wolf to Christians who just seeks to tear them down. Well I call a spade a spade. If you want to act like a wolf, you will be treated like a wolf. If you want to really discuss the issues, we can do that.Your reaction to what I said reveals more about you. You’re more interested in how you feel about something than you are about the truth itself. When you show me you really do have some respect, then we will be able to better dialogue better.Also, your atheism would be an embarrassment to the old atheists like Mackie and Nielsen and Flew. They knew a lot of the good that came about through Christianity and they respected Christians, but they made it clear that they disagreed. You’re more like the new atheists who don’t know what their opponents believe, admit they don’t know, and then they don’t care.I don’t mind you reading atheist literature. I think you should. Be real however and read what Christians have said in response. I make it a point to go through atheist books to see what they have to say and I’m immediately aware of the shallowness of their arguments and the lack of interaction with the other side.The ball’s in your court. You’ll determine what kind of conversation we have. If you really want to discuss the question of truth and see how Christianity handles objections, fine. If you want to just tear down Christians, you’ll get an appropriate response.

    1. What is the point of reading Christian thought on anything. You have no interest in discovering underlying truths just confirming your beliefs. There is not discussion to be had with you just another boring apologetics session.

      I don’t care if you respond. It will be a tedious as every other tedious bit of apologetics every other theist has spewed onto this site. Then you’ll screech your simplistic threats of hell.

      What a waste of my time!

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