5 Replies to “Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi”

  1. During a debate with Biruni, Avicenna stated:
    Or from Muhammad ibn Zakariyyab al-Razi, who meddles in metaphysics and exceeds his competence. He should have remained confined to surgery and to urine and stool testing—indeed he exposed himself and showed his ignorance in these matters.

    Sounds like an ancient Dawkins to me.

  2. Certainly true for today’s mainstream ortohdox/fundamental religions. But what the ancient wisdom expressed using mythology does mirror what today’s physics is proving to be correct about the nature of Reality. The ancient Consciousness blazers did find the micro in the macro via Astrotheology. The lie was set in motion when Rome tried to literalize and historicalize these myths. This killed the mystery teachings and ushered in the Dark Ages, of which we seem to still be in, though at the end of it. I can see the nature of reality in the myth of Sophia, Osiris, Horus etc, as well as in quantum physics, the Holographic Universe, String theory etc. Politics murdered spiritual holy science. Par.

  3. Hmm .. it is interesting to know that aolchol played a part in the choice of national religion. Long Live the Tsar and Vodka! Governments know that social consumption of aolchol is bad just like cigarette smoking. Had cigarette been around the same time as aolchol, it would be one more precept in Buddhism and one more prohibition in Islam. But governments cannot afford to ban sale of aolchol or cigarette, the tax factor outweighs the social ills. Similarly, economic factor justifies casino despite known problems associated with gambling. How much can religion do?

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