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      1. But seriously, I think the point is that we can’t (or shouldn’t) make smoking in and of itself illegal, but that doesn’t preclude making it illegal to allow these people to infect the air that others breathe.

        1. Thank you, Keith! For not being blinded by rhetoric.
          @Maximus, alcohol does harm (Hello, Stomach Cancer!) and drugs do harm (overdoses, illegal contra wars, millions of crack-addled infants born into poverty). Some would even argue that porn does harm (to a marriage, to a child’s sexual socialization, to those with body image disorders).
          Regardless, fascism is never the solution. Knowing what is right takes knowledge, knowledge is only acquired through learning, and learning implies that mistakes will be made.
          Finally, feigning self-righteousness will never make you better than anyone else. Yer time is done, yer gimmicks have expired and we’re through with them.

          1. Alcohol may very well give people stomach cancer but I wont get stomach cancer if I sit next to someone while they’re drinking.

            Harm minimization in drug control starts with decriminalization. The harms you’ve listed are reduced if people don’t have to break the law to get the drug they’re addicted to. Even the crack baby situation (millions?) is not helped by the criminalization of addiction. If we want to help a pregnant drug addict to protect the fetus making her a criminal doesn’t seem to be the way to go.

            Does porn harm a marriage or does anti-sex attitudes that label porn as harmful harm a marriage? People’s taste for porn should be discussed in terms of orientation instead of sin. Is anyone arguing that children should watch porn as a form of sex education?

  1. Gonna have to disagree with that one. While I get the point, a lot of that I’d rather not have legalized just because someone else wants it legalized, not because I’d mind so much, but because of the effect it’d have on our nation, crime, safety, and society. (Personal Opinion.)

      1. People who kill themselves with helium (except for a few deliberate suicides and industrial accidents) die of stupidity. Removing the terminally stupid from the population can only improve the genepool.

    1. The problem is a weird psychological one, the more things are prohibited, the more people want to experiment with them. It’s a reactionary impulse which seems contrary to reason, but the moment something has been given the label of a “taboo” the more the average person wants to satisfy their curiosity for it. This opens dangerous unregulated black markets to meet the demand that come at high costs for the users, suppliers, agents enforcing the bans and so on. But with risk comes reward so users use unsafe product risking their lives and freedom for a high, suppliers supply risking their freedom and lives for profit and enforcers waste tax payer money and lives defending against it. We have already seen the prohibition model fail before in the 30’s with alcohol all it garnered was violence. Now at least it is well regulated.

    2. If our government is so concerned about the effect drugs have by users affecting others, then alcohol and automobiles should be forbidden. Automobiles alone kill more people than all the drugs combined!

      The war on drugs has cost more than a trillion dollars yet the addiction rate has remained stable and the drug supply has not diminished. Our government needs to get its head out of that ancient and mythical cult they follow and into reason and clear critical thinking. I feel like a fool allowing such idiotic jerks form my life. I know far better what is right, correct, and beneficial for society than they do, yet it may be a very lengthy time before society elects an intelligent atheist.

      I feel sorry for my grandchildren and great grandchildren as there is likely much more suffering ahead until the atheist movement among the youth population straightens things out.

  2. While I get the point perfectly.

    I do not like having to pay for other people who burden the medical system because they smoke and do drugs.

    It costs me money to pay for their medical care when they need it, direclty related to their smoking / drugs.

    1. That argument doesn’t really work.
      If illegal drugs were legalized they would naturally be taxed (as are alcohol and cigarette sales currently).
      The tax income from drug sales alone would cover all of the associated medical costs.

    2. > I do not like having to pay for other people who burden the medical system because they smoke and do drugs.

      what about people who eat junk food… you have to pay for people who burden the medical system because they eat junk food. do you think we should make junk food illegal too?

      what about people who are heavy drinkers? make alcohol illegal again cause that worked out soooo well last time

      > It costs me money to pay for their medical care when they need it, direclty related to their smoking / drugs.

      it also costs you money to pay for people who are born with birth defects, does that mean we should mandate that people who are having children should be screened for possible birth defects so that we can abort these children before they’re born and become a financial strain?

  3. I don’t like to pay for those that eat themselves unhealthy and as a direct result have heart problems so we should outlaw fast food as well as cigarettes.

    1. I understand you’re being facecious, but the point is not that we should ban fast food, it’s that we shouldn’t pay for other people’s health care. They should have the right to eat themselves to an early death if they want, and it shouldn’t affect my right to MY money.

  4. don’t like murder, don’t get murdered….
    I am all for the govt staying out of my business. Many many more things should be legal, and the govt, ESPECIALLY THE FEDERAL GOVT, should not be allowed to tell us what to do… to ourselves. As other people have pointed out, smoking you have to consider any affects to others, as well as any drugs that cause violent behaviors and or health effects for others. And for all other, you have to consider effects on my wallet. I don’t care what you do if it doesn’t affect me at all, but many things affect other people in ways many people don’t consider. But one that many people didn’t mention is abortion. Abortion is not an issue of your rights, it’s whether or not you believe the fetus is developed enough to have rights, it does not fall under this umbrella. That being said, I’d gladly deal with other people blowing smoke in my face if the govt would butt out of many things they have no right to be a part of, including health care, and then I don’t have to pay for people who decide to give themselves lung cancer…

  5. Smoking does harm others, no matter how hard you try to stand downwind from people/not smoke around your kids/only smoke in the garden. It will (and is) affecting people. And the health service, severely.

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