7 Replies to “Resurrection… you can’t prove this didn’t happen.”

  1. I guess I would say something like : “Well, heu, no eye witness of the resurrected Jesus never ever said Mister Who was in the tomb…. There just were Angels…!
    And probably none of them was “Who” (Mister), although I wonder “Who” ( that is Which angel was here)… Mystery

  2. Oh, I see : “ressurected Jesus” sounds probably too trivial…
    Sorry : I might have said : “The King of kings and Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega, The Itchiest and the Scratchiest”

    1. It doesn’t sound trivial, it sounds impossible and implausible just like Doctor Who. Maybe it’s time for some crossover fiction. Jesus and Doctor Who are both ripping yarns. Maybe it would work well together.

      An element of time travel could easily account for all of Jesus’ toast based appearances. The fishes and loaves logistical problems are very easily solve with the unlimited storage capacity of the TARDIS. That Jesus seemed to pop out of his tomb refreshed certainly does imply an exciting but restful holiday.

      Doctor Who certainly is smart enough to pull the whole ruse off.

      So if I don’t believe in a “King of Kings…” I can only admire popular culture?

  3. Funny that man has to call for Tardis and Dr Who to try to anihilate the idea of God…

    The funniest thing of this cartoon is that it take for granted that something supernatural happened…. And it calls for Tardis to explain it…

    1. You misinterpret this comic. It isn’t saying that Dr Who is real or that another supernatural creature is required to replace your god/supernatural-creature.

      This comic is commenting on the logical fallacy that the burden of proof lies with the skeptic. You claim that god/s exist. Show us.

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