3 Replies to “Ricky Gervais”

  1. Dear science,

    This 2000 thousand last years I told my followers to love every people, whatever they believe, whatever is the color of their skin, and whatever is their social status… and to make good for them.
    Of course, any of my disciples -claiming to follow me – did only what their limited brain want to do… And I reprouve that..
    I have heard you’ve got the same problem with yours when people used einstein discovering to creat and use immediatly atomic bomb…
    And the same after nearly each discovery ! (metal becoming swords, etc…)

    What a pity !

    Let’s take a good beer to forgot all this sh… ame

    Yours, Catholic religion.

  2. Dear science,

    You didn’t come to take a beer with me yesterday…

    Perhaps did I bother you : indeed I realized that I spoke to you about moral matters such as not killing; I have forgotten that you usually don’t have a single scientific opinion on moral matters…
    Or rather you don’t really have moral, do you ?

    It is scientifically indifferent to you that your children use metal for weapons or evry king of things to what I call evil things.

    So sorry to have annoyed you, with my concerns towards killing other people and many little things like this stuff.

    Sincerely yours, Cath Rel.

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