Because thinking is hard…

NASA fraud alert!
This Image is not an accurate portrayal of the shape of Earth. Is North America really that big?!?
Of course not. This is the easiest camera trick in the book – Fish Eye Lens. It’s taken from an altitude of no more than 150 miles pointing straight down at the ground. The extreme wide angel makes Earth appear like a convex planet. Here’s the truth – Earth is NOT a planet! Earth is inverted.

Is the Sky a Planet?
Of course not. This is the same concept of the image above only pointing the camera up into the sky from the ground.

Truth is…
With the naked eye, the horizon DOES NOT CURVE – not matter what altitude you are at! All imagery from space they show you has been filtered through a wide-angle lens. Earth is actually INVERTED and houses the complete finite universe, which means everything from the stars, sun, moon, planets (not Earth) are orbiting INSIDE the hollow, inverted Earth.

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    1. Oooo. That sounds so sciencey! We have two choices here: believe the evidence before us or join a death cult invented by someone who saw an image made by a fish-eye lens and got a bit of a fright. If you take up high dynamic range photography in the future will you deny the existence of shadows?

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