Sam Harris

There was no abberation of faith here.  The hammer blows of secular law wont allow theists from killing people of other faiths or of no faith any more.  Their violence is celebrated in the Christian bible.

Fundamentalist Islam’s celebration of the 911 attacks is the same celebration that the US had at the death of bin Laden (WWJD – was that turning the other cheek) or victories in Afghanistan or Iraq. It is the celebration of killing someone of a different faith.  It is the denial of that person’s humanity.

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  1. Joel said I don’t understand why atistehs care if Christians celebrate Christmas.Why would you think anyone cares how you celebrate a mid-winter astrological event? Or is this just a misdirection to change to topic?The only issue as I see it is the childish crazies using lies, deception, half truths, claiming anti-Christian oppression, making false accusations about the motives of others, belittling oppositions or down playing the facts to put their beliefs in front and try to oppress other views.Local government are getting tired of the childish bickering and news coverage because the religious crazies are complaining about having to share the public square. Nobody cares if you sacrifice a goat to your sun gods or however you celebrate mid winter.

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