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  1. The only reason that Bacchus is even meinonted is because, as you may discover as you learn a little about the history of religious syncretism in the ancient world, and especially in the Greek and Roman eras, empires attempted to line up their own pantheons with the pantheons of the kingdoms and cultures which they absorbed. Thus, the god Bacchus was equated by the Romans with the Egyptian deity Osiris. However, when you look into Egyptian mythology, you find that the mythos of Osiris changed and that there were several versions of his cult and many versions of his son, Horus, with some references being to a conflated Osiris-Horus. So, you cannot simply learn about Bacchus legends and then equate them with Osiris legends because they won’t be the same. Naming the gods side by side in scholarly discussion is a shorthand meant for those familiar with this subject. The light shed on the Jesus story from Greek versions of similar myths, such as those associated with Bacchus, is that the resulting god-men were seen as the incarnations of the supreme god most often a womanizing Zeus. This theme is a separate issue that could be discussed as paralleling Christianity, i.e. that of human incarnations of deity.I also think that your assertion that there are hundreds of church fathers is comical since the official record being generous shows that there were less than fifty. Again, you want me to give you sources? The burden of proof is on you, sir, since I have actually done the research, where you are grasping at chance articles that you accidentally find while Googling. You are covering for your own ignorance because you are embarrassed. In my last comment, I asked you to visit a l-i-b-r-a-r-y, not to just continue to discuss things you have already admitted you know nothing about.You may just want to do what Pablo Christiani was asked to do during his debate with Nachmanides: just stop talking. You see, the more he spoke, the more he was shown to be completely wrong and incapable of defending Christianity. It seems to be the same for you; the more you comment, the worse it gets for you.Remember, l-i-b-r-a-r-y NOT search engines. I will not help you with providing sources. If you can’t find them, then you don’t deserve to be a part of this discussion.Happy Saturnalia,Yehudah

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