Religious Myths

Religious Myths:
#1 – You must respect others’ beliefs
The taboo of criticizing others’ beliefs is outdated and unfounded. In a modern world where religious beliefs fuel everything from mild intolerance to suicide attacks, it is more important than ever to directly challenge those beliefs without hesitation or apology.

#2 Prayer works
About 20,000 people worldwide die of cancer every day. If the same number of people simultaneously prayed one million times for the elimination of cancer, about 20,000 people worldwide would continue to die of cancer every day.

#3 Believers are open-minded
Believing in god and other supernatural beings and phenomena doesn’t mean you’re open-minded. It just means you lack knowledge in the subjects of science, critical thinking, and human belief. While most religious people adamantly believe the same things over a lifetime, even in the face of conflicting evidence, most nonbelievers revise their points of view when presented with new evidence that disconfirms what they originally thought.

#4 – Religion is the foundation of morality
Morality predates religion. From out earliest human ancestors, who relied on altruistic behaviour to survive, to other animals living in complex social groups, morality has evolutionary origins and has been refined over time through secular moral philosophy, rational discussion, and legal debate. While a little bit of this innate morality made its way into ‘holy’ books (eg: don’t kill or steal), religion itself focuses more on prohibiting supposed sins that tame place in the confines of one’s own mind or home.


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