Atheist Pig

Hello. Many people have never read the bible, and who can blame them. But it’s considered a very important book, so I’d like to give you the short version which will give you all you need to know.

A long, long time ago, an all-knowing man in the sky make some people who he know were going to piss him off. When they did, he punished them, and sent them off to make more people who he knew would eventually piss him off again. When they did, he killed damn near all of them.

Eventually, the all-knowing man in the sky got fed up with the people doing things he know they were going to do that would piss him off, so he takes his some and nails him to a cross, and says, “See? Now look what you made me do. You should be ashamed of yourselves. “

3 thoughts on “Atheist Pig”

    1. You actually believe this stuff?! You should read the Christian New Testament to see if your comment is true. It spends more time hating women than loving neighbours. But I suppose Christianity generally treats women like breeding cattle so maybe you’ve just gotten used to reading over the really shitty, hateful parts of your bible.

      I suspect the problem is worse that this though. I suspect that you’ve never read it. Most of your ilk haven’t. It is an abhorrent book practically designed to cause disbelief in religion.

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