4 Replies to “This is supposed to be an argument against calls for evidence.”

  1. If all theists had to do was say “you don’t believe in raspberry gum? Here, eat a piece.” Then there wouldn’t be atheists. Pretty simple. Why don’t they get that? And that awful line, “next time I come in here you’d better have scientific evidence of raspberry.” How about the fact that it physically exists? What a brain dead correlation.

    1. I love the idea that anyone thknis they can persuade the other side on this one.A guerrilla strategy where you actually fuck up children’s heads towards your cause is really the only way to go.The church are way ahead on this one. Atheists, if they give that much of a fuck, need to start brainwashing kids.Ads will just piss people off.Religious people and atheists are as bad as each other. I hope they both go to hell/cease to exist as soon as possible.

  2. I have sided with the christian way beusace of what has happened in my life.We are all living a liar it has to be that way or kaos would rule I challenge anybody who knows the truth beusace the truth is a lie we all live a allusion we make christmas evil god real.we need all the above we make it real to give us a reason to live.

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