5 Replies to “The Salvation Army is not a charity.”

  1. I have been hearing this for years. And i used to donate to them because they were helping the less fortunate. But after reading this. I will never donate again.

    1. I just want them to budge on a few sticking points and then I’ll support them again. If they are going to selflessly support poor people regardless of orientation then I don’t care if they’re motivated by a belief I don’t share.

  2. An actor in Australia dressed as a homeless person and huddled, with a secreted video camera, in an alley where he new the Salvos helped the homeless. When one came to him and offered him food and lodgings for the night he thanked them for helping and for not treating gay people like dirt. The Salvo ‘officer’ gave him a disgusted look and walked away.
    I wish I could remember what show it was on.

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