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  1. Social EvilIn western cortunies they drink alcohol , observing moderation..I live in South India in Tamil all the Wine shops are govt owned..the unfortunate thing is the Lower class people who earn by driving autos & doing manual labor..empty their days earning to drink but do not provide a penny to the family…Some pople ..who are laborers ..i have observed they do not allocate money to dress properly but in the evening they are spotted in a wine shop..they somehow manage money for getting a bottle of alcohol There are two strange things here ” Main Source of income to the Tamil nadu government Exchequer is these govt owned wine shops””The people who sell alchol are Govt employees and Most importantly most of them are Teetotallers””A recent report in a local news paper shows that no parents were willling to give their Girl in Maiirage to such Employess even though they were teetotallers”

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