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        1. knowing how to have sex will not change people’s opinions about a human vice/taboo. fucking dumbass.
          people been fucking and killing babies for centuries.. and they will continue to do whatever they want and not give a shit what some stupid misinformed kid thinks on the internet.

        2. Hi folks, it’s a small thing, but i thought i would share.I was at Costco in the mdidle of the day, with time to spare. How rare!I noticed that the two folks behind me were each holding a single item. Well, no problem. I asked each of them if they would like to go ahead of me, and what do you know they did!Since the checkout crew at Costco are a well-oiled team, it only took an extra 3 minutes out of my day, and made those customers pretty happy.Pay It Forward!

    1. Sex ed will make a difference. Its too poorly taught now to do anything, but with a revamp on how teachers go about it it will change so much. For instance, sex ed never warned me about the dangers of rough anal sex. Instead, they avoided the topic completely. If we want to help our children, then maybe we need to teach them right and get society to stop focusing so much on sex. Nowadays, whoever is sexiest is on top, so it’s only natural for the youth to try to be sexy, which when paired with poor education, leads to unplanned parenthood, STDs, and even hospitalization (as 50 shades has brought hardcore sex to the untrained, inexperienced masses). Our society is only as good as we make it.

  1. So childcare should be free? So, liberals want free healthcare, free childcare, free cellphones, free education. Here’s a hard fact… nothing is free. Somebody, somewhere, has to pay for everything that these entitled little twats demand for “free”. It’s nobody elses responsibility to pay for your mistakes and well-being.

    1. Australians have free health care and education, and child care is subsidized. The tax system gives low income people with kids huge benefits. They also have one of the strongest economies in the world.

      A village raises a child.
      We are judged on how we treat the weakest.
      If you want to go far, go as a group.

      1. Things are a little different between Australia and say, the US.

        I’m not trying to put anyone down, I am just acknowledging differences.

        For a size perspective Australia has a smaller population than the state of California and, in terms of total GDP, a smaller economy.

        A couple of other things:

        The US spends 19% of the total budget on Society Security while the Australians spend somewhere around 7% (I think)

        The Australians spend 6% on national defense while the US spends 19%

        The US is the third largest country in the world and 51st.

        Point is countries are all different and have their own strengths and weakness along with priorities and theories of the role of Government in society.

        There are many things I wish were different in the US and many I wouldn’t. I am sure the same goes for you.

        1. Setting aside your patronising tone: “… and say, the US.”

          Yep, they’re different but they could be the same. Or are you under the impression that geography is stopping the US from valuing healthcare safety nets.

    2. O_o Canada has free healthcare. I believe in free women’s health care, and free contraceptives. I have health insurance through my mom’s employer, but not everyone does and contraception is expensive.

    3. You’re an ignoramus The entire modern world provides medical care for all its citizens. A patriot like you surely believes we are the greatest nation in the world, so why is it Russia, Italy and China, no less, can afford to do what we cannot.

      1. We travel a bit for work and like to be fully covered with travel insurance. The insurance company asks if we will be travelling to Africa or USA because either place is a financial disaster if you get sick.

    4. John:

      If Australia’s Medicare system offered free cellphones I’m pretty sure that the public would be writing letters of complaint to their state members.

      But I suspect your point is that you really like strawman arguments…

    5. Responsibility, just like those bankers and hedge fund dicks that crashed the economy. Trillions we all paid to bail out those greedy thugs. And they took that money and gave themselves bonuses. Irresponsibility of unfathomable proportions.

  2. What do you mean by free healthcare? I’ve personally never seen a doctor work for free. You mean subsidized health care so people can take less responsibility for themselves than they already do…good plan.

    1. Your healthcare is either subsidized by your employer and or the pool of participants you join with to subsidize your healthcare. National healthcare just leverages the entire citizenry acting for the common good to ensure healthcare for everyone that’s funded 100%. You’re a cliche, free market imbecile who needs to read Federalist 10.

      1. My wife and I have been very blessed in our lives. We have also lived tougrhh very tight times ( I. E., blood donations.) We have always felt the love if others. Many times, we picked up the bill for another at a resturant. Other times we paid for another’s groceries. Another time we put together a baby shower for a lady we never met who left an abusive home. Instead of money, we gave a man in the rain a sleeping bag, a coat, and accessories along with a gift card for a meal at Denny’s. When my wife ad I ran into financial issues, we were blessed by people who remained anonymous with a $500 gift card twice. We always asked why. We had a very hard time accepting. Why us? LovePay it forward It will come back when needed

  3. so everyone has “free” healthcare…”free” education…”free” childcare…so the money to pay for it grows on magic money trees? or maybe you have unicorns that fart money to pay for these? Childcare is a choice and responsibility of the parent…money is NOT the issue with US education…as for healthcare the overwhelming majority of tech advancements and pharmaceutical discoveries are in the US…when the monarchy of Saudi Arabia and family need healthcare where do they go? Mayo Clinic…when foreign leaders need cutting edge healthcare procedures they go to JohnsHopkins, Stanford, Duke, Emory, Anderson(TX) etc etc etc

    1. I do understand that health care is not actually free. We pay a lot of tax. Some things that our government does are not to my taste. Other things are. Having a centralized government body paying for health care is an equalizer here. Everyone has access to excellent healthcare, no-one is just allowed to die because they are poor. If my government offered me a tax cut at the expense of my stroke-victim neighbour’s pain medication I would refuse. Wealthy people from poor countries in Asia go to Australia for treatment. Australia has a socialist health care system. What’s your point. Do you think that the only reason that your health care system is world class is that it is not available to all of your citizens?

      USA’s capitalism-only health care experiment is a failure. It has not delivered a healthy, productive population. Any government has a vested interest in having a healthy, productive population. That is the kind of population that yields a good tax revenue. It’s time to give the user pay small government health system up. It’s not systematic and it’s not delivering health.

      1. Admin:
        And you are willing to pay up to 60% of your paycheck in taxes,fees, subscriptions or other types of monetary remuneration to the State (or government) to provide “free” government subsidies to those unwilling to get it for themselves? Just “like” Sweden or the other Europeans. If you like that type of government then why are you in the US?

        Maybe we should just tax the so-called middle class out of existance to provide a welfare state for all. Or maybe you think that taxing the upper 3% of the population will pay for the rest of us. How long before that 3% figures out that they do not have to live here in the good ole USA and live else where? Then we can be “just like” the 2nd world states that are NOT leaders in anything except socialist government.

        And if this socialist type of government is so wonderful, why are NONE of them world leaders?

        It has been proven over and over that democracy or republic only last until the people discover that they can write themselves checks and manufacture money from nothing.

        You spit on capitalism and yet that is what has driven most if not all of the breakthrough developments in the world. If you are not a capitalist yourself then why are you working? You have a product that you are selling, your talent and ability, do you sell them to the highest bidder or just to the first one that offers you a job regardless of pay? What you and the rest of the people of your view point should be pointedly going after is is not “capitalism” but collusion among the companies that artificially keep the prices of goods and services high. Big Pharma companies, insurance companies for example. This is where the prices are set (by collusion) and all of the rest of us pay the price to keep them there. And having the government set up more and more programs to pay their prices does not help but just moves money in the form of taxes from our pockets to theirs.

        We, the people, should not be looked upon as the governments piggy bank.

        (NSA now has me in their sites for being Anti… all my email will no be heavily scrutinized)

        1. It’s all hilarious stuff dfevans. Keep it coming. You forgot to get the ties to the Illuminati, the reverse vampires and the Saucer People into your paranoid rant.

          To clarify a few points: I am a capitalist. I’m a pure capitalist! I’m a share trader. Socialised health care is against my financial interests because it increases tax but it is in my interests because a strong, stable society is in my interests. I don’t want a tax cut that kills my disabled teenage neighbour. If he lived in the US he would have just died at 14 when some weird thing happened to his legs. I am proud that my country support him.

          Countries with socialised health care are doing just fine. You buy into the idea that ‘Murica is the best country in the world. I’ve been all over the world and I can tell you it isn’t the best country. It’s just one of a group of good countries. One of it’s major shortcomings is the shit policies dreamed up to pacify and dog-whistle ignorant idiots like you.

          The US will do just fine. The government’s asset is people who pay tax. Keeping that asset healthy enough to work is in the government’s best interest because that means they have more people working and paying tax… to pay for health care… see how this spirals up instead of spiraling down like your the-end-is-nigh fantasies.

          To use your ridiculous “love it or leave it” mentality: If you don’t like living in a country with universal health care why don’t you go and live somewhere else. I’d suggest and African country with a military dictatorship. Their anti-health care policies might suit you down to the ground.

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  4. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have”

    “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical”

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give it to those who would not”

    -Thomas Jefferson (maybe you’ve heard of him)

      1. Well, I wanted to defend Dave but he did indeed misquote Jefferson.

        The first one isn’t found in any of his writings

        The Second one is indeed a Jefferson Quote See Number 9

        The third is also misquoted.

        Here is an actual quote from Jefferson that is somewhat on subject, although it has more to do with the redistribution of wealth than defending democracy.

        ‘To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, —the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, & the fruits acquired by it.’


        Although in the age where information is literally at your fingertips, disproving someone is a much more effective argument than sarcasm IMO.

  5. Hi, I just happen to live in Denmark, one of those socialist countries, like Sweden. At the moment I ain’t paying much in taxes, but that’s partially because I’m a student. The fun thing is I get money for studying. We in Denmark consider studying a job and therefore we get paid to ‘work’ on our studies. Alas, everything here is expensive, VERY expensive. I pay about 90% of my student income to rent. 10% for me, rest of the month. And though we brag about paying our students the most money, they’re easily eaten up by taxes, bills and stuff you have to pay for. It ain’t fun, but it’s life.
    We do have free healthcare and private clinics as well, so you are free to choose (thats democracy!).

    Hm I guess thats what I can think of right now. I don’t know, just wanted to take part in the debate. Anyway the person in charge of EU’s climate office is danish. They argue whether our primeminister should be in charge of EU’s foreign office. And we have are recent primeminister being the head of NATO. We’re doing just fine :)

    1. Ah, John, there you go being a diplomat again.This is one long piece of low-grade night soil from a very ill North Korean ox.All the botox in the world will not fix this mstitroosny. Obama’s plaudits just confirm how he farmed the work out to the Congressional marxists and appreciates them doing the heavy lifting he can’t. Golf is a taxing sport.I have not read the bill but my expectation is it incorporates every aspect of mandates and “public options” that have already been tried at the state level. And failed miserably to live up to the nice rhetoric about lowering cost and expanding choice. I don’t believe that Pelosi or Reid are so intelligent to try something other than what has already been tried, whether it has failed or not. This is a question of expanding government, and it succeeds there, I bet. None of the swells in Congress will have to suffer if this grand design fails. But they will be able to pick winners and losers in the lobbying scramble, with corollary rewards to reelection campaigns, or other rewards less noticable. Not a good time.

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