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  1. It’s pretty sad that you let one topic of a book with so many more topics stop you from exploring the rest. And the Bible isn’t what stops you from being married, it’s government regulation/laws. You can continue to be a sinner or you can choose to follow the bible and live in the church/body of Christ. The bible is meant to guide the people of the church, not the people outside of the church. If you are going to trash talk something just because your not part of it, you should probably re evaluative your motives and standards.

    1. Adm: I am married. You’ve brought the bias that I hate the bible so that I can be gay.

      I live an evidence based life. Your book fails any credible test. You can’t offer any evidence for your god/s. Just because you’re gullible there is no reason for me to follow into this ignorance.

      Do you honestly think that governments aren’t informed in their ban on marriage equality by the threats that the churches make? Your groups hold back marriage equality at any opportunity. You say you do good in the world but instead you become fixated on other people’s sex lives and waste your resources on oppressing others.

      You claim that your bible is your personal thing and that I’m interfering. This ignores how much non-religious people have to deal with the bullshit laws that are written to pacify religious people.

      If you truly think that your bible doesn’t effect other people you need to have a good hard look around. You’re living in a dream world.

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