4 Replies to “What Keeps An Atom’s Nucleus Together? The god of the gaps.”

  1. Here’s an analogy.You are a meembr of a jury. One of the attorneys is a pillar of the community and a leader in the Church. His credibility is unimpeachable. As he makes his case, you sit at the edge of your seat hanging on to every word. The hair stands up on the back of your neck, and you feel a rush of confirmation from the Spirit as he presents his case. Some might judge the narrative as implausible, but this does not matter to you, since all things are possible, even things that most people might find unlikely. The attorney brings out several witnesses who testify that they have personal knowledge that confirms the attorney’s version of events. You again feel a rush of the Spirit as the witnesses look the jury in the eye and give their solemn testimony under oath. As the attorney rests his case, you know the verdict you will render, and a deep feeling of peace comes over you. The matter is resolved in your heart and mind, since you feel that you have truly been given divine knowledge that answers the question before the court. The opposing attorney does not inspire. He dresses poorly and doesn’t maintain eye contact with the jury. However, he does show the results of a painstaking forensic investigation. This includes scientifically validated DNA comparisons, microscopic fiber matching, ballistics, plaster casts of tire tracks and laboratory analysis of gunpowder residues. The physical evidence paints a very different picture from what you have been led to believe up to this point in the trial. Expert witnesses explain the techniques used to develop the physical evidence. The conclusions of fact rely on techniques that can be independently reproduced.As it turns out, there is a mountain of forensic evidence from multiple scientific disciplines that overwhelmingly opposes the conclusion you were inspired to reach by testimony and spiritual confirmation. What verdict do you give once the jury is sequestered?

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