6 Replies to “How can you tell if someone is a Christian?”

  1. To be fair, not all of them will. I know people that keep their religion to themselves and you won’t know what it is unless you ask. They are quite rare though. Most will at least wear/display/carry some religious paraphernalia so you can tell which imaginary friend is their favorite.

    1. My son is the lone Christian in our family of atheists. He spends his vacation time and money volunteering in 3rd world countries. His wife and homeschooled children spend several hours each week helping people. They don’t tell people about it. You would never know they were Christians unless you were in a personal relationship with them.

  2. I am the lone atheist in a large family of Christians. When they introduce me to anyone new they make sure to include the fact that I am. Example: this is my father, he is an atheist, I don’t have to ever mention it myself

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