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  1. YES, I am aware that some beliefs have many forms thuhogourt human history. I may not be aware of ALL the specifics, but I am aware that they are not unique in their mention.However, many of the ancient myths do not pinpoint an exact time in which they occur. This is one of the MAIN points that makes them “myths” that there is generally no ascribed time frame for their occurrence..they merely occurred some time in the past. Also often times they refer to a king which again.. can not be verified or found WHEN that particular person’s rule occurred. Even if you bicker over whether or not a biblical event happened in 3200BC or 2700BC.. the fact remains that we can pinpoint its occurrence with MUCH more accuracy and verify the existence of some of the key characters then we an with Myths. That is why, generally speaking, the accounts in the bible are not considered “myths” because they have a lot more verifiable information surrounding them. But, yes, I agree that some of the things mentioned in the bible have their corollaries in other mythsand your point is? .Seems like you are going somewhere with this..but fall short of actually stating your point. Maybe you feel the point is so obvious that it need not be stated?MOST people who point this out..are trying to make some finite conclusion that because their are similarities that it is all relative or invalid because it isn’t entirely unique or unheard of.I would simply say that whether or not other cultures have similar tales, does not invalidate 1 or the other.In some the Flood the fact that it occurs in other cultures might actually give it MORE credibility if they can be dated within a few hundred years of each other, maybe even a thousand years because our ability to date things with limited information makes precise dating almost impossible. So there LACK of uniqueness COULD validate them.References :

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