Horus, Attis, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus and Jesus… spot the difference.

Notice: 25th March 2013

Attention all of you theists who are so excited about Zeitgeist being wrong: I simply don’t care!

Your god is made up like every other god. If you believe in one of them, you are a child!  You can be really skeptical and scholarly with things that do not conform to your religion.  Why don’t you look that closely at your own beliefs.

Now, back to laughing at theists…


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    1. The funniest thing about this page to a believer is that it means NOTHING!!

      It Proves NOTHING!! Because Jesus Birth DATE is NOT recorded in the Bible at all!!

      Dec 25th is a Date picked out by Catholics. Not by Christains. They may CLAIM to be Christains but the Bible Says who a REAL Christain is.

      The date Dec 25th is Irrelevant since 1. Its not in the Bible at all and 2. The BIble clearly says to know Jesus NO MORE after the Flesh but after the spirit so celebrating Christmas as the Birthdate of Christ is not supposed to happen by real Christains anyway!! Only those who dont knwo the Bible!! And there are MANY Of those!!
      That DOES NOT prove the Bible is Innacurate.

      Are you really this dense to think that you ahve proven something here against Theists?? You 1. Got this info from someone else and have no idea if its actually true and 2. The fact that you think it proves there is no God is hilarious. It only proves PEOPLE ARE STUPID!! It does NOT prove there is no God

      1. Good to see Christian kindness at work. Intolerant of any information that doesn’t confirm his immortality fantasy. Keep up the good work, Mike.

        “The funniest thing about this page to a believer is that it means NOTHING!! It Proves NOTHING!! Because Jesus Birth DATE is NOT recorded in the Bible at all!!”

        Don’t tell me this, tell your fellow Christians who insist that December 25th is the sacred birthday of Jesus. It shows that the date said to be Jesus’ birthday has been co-opted from other religions. Your religion is just one of many that have come and gone. To win followers, Christianity simply stole the dates.

        “Dec 25th is a Date picked out by Catholics. Not by Christains. They may CLAIM to be Christains but the Bible Says who a REAL Christain is.”

        So you’ll just roll out a No True Scotsman logical fallacy here. A Catholic would argue just as vehemently that it is you that is not the “REAL Christian”. (You Christians just love the random use of upper case. WHAT would the WORLD be Like IF we ALL uSED UPPER case in a RANDOM, Christian WAY? Maybe we are seeing the early formation of the Christian form of English. Or maybe they’re just hilarious dumb-arses… I suspect it’s the latter.)

        “The date Dec 25th is Irrelevant since 1. Its not in the Bible at all… ”

        This is the point of the picture.

        “… and 2. The BIble clearly says to know Jesus NO MORE after the Flesh but after the spirit so celebrating Christmas as the Birthdate of Christ is not supposed to happen by real Christains anyway!!”

        If, wallowing in your second No True Scotsman fallacy for the post, you don’t celebrate Christmas anyway why are you here abusing me? Why don’t you go off and be a bitter, hateful person somewhere else? I don’t care for your opinions. I am fully aware of what your religion has to offer and I am not interested in it’s hollow offers of immortality in exchange for rigid compliance with dubious morals.

        The Internet is huge. Surely you could go and find a whole group of theists trolls to sit around with, dreaming of how wonderful your death will be.

        “Only those who dont [sic] knwo [sic] the Bible!! And there are MANY Of those!!”

        No True Scotsman again.

        “That DOES NOT prove the Bible is Innacurate.”

        Why is “Innacurate” [sic] a proper noun? Is is random capital day? Do all theists turn the spell check off on their browsers to make their spelling more inaccurate? What is the purpose of this? Is it like a secret handshake so that we know you are a true theist who detests accurate spelling? Do spell checkers lead to sin?

        I don’t have to prove that your bible is inaccurate. It is internally flawed. Simply reading it should show that to you. Wish-thinking, confirmation bias and fear allow you to overlook the errors of your bible. I’m sure you’d have found them if you were reading the Quran or the Torah.

        You have to prove that your bible is accurate. You have presented the hypothesis that their is one god and he created the entire universe leaving only your bible as a sign that he was ever here. So, show me that this is true. Prove your hypothesis.

        “Are you really this dense to think that you ahve [sic] proven something here against Theists??”

        You should read the site. I am not seeking to disprove your bible. I am simply laughing at people who do believe it. It is pointless to try to show you that your bible is a work of fiction. You will believe it because you want to, not because it is internally logical. Reason doesn’t work on an unreasonable mind. I can see from your post that you don’t have a reasonable mind.

        “You 1. Got this info from someone else and have no idea if its actually true… ”

        You are criticising me for gathering up information from other people!? You believe in a religion that you got from other people. Pot? Kettle? I don’t believe things that other people tell me, that’s why I’m an atheist. The evidence for the existence of the thousands of gods presented to me led me to believe in none of them. That’s why your (non)arguments do not move me. Show me the evidence for your god. Claims that can be made without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. (Hitchens)

        “… and 2. The fact that you think it proves there is no God is hilarious. It only proves PEOPLE ARE STUPID!! It does NOT prove there is no God”

        It does show that people are stupid (as if that point needed to be re-iterated). It is showing that you are petty and spiteful (which must be said to be a form of stupidity) so it’s achieving even more than you say.

        You are calling me stupid because I don’t believe your faith claims. Do you call Muslims stupid for the same reason? Jews? Mormons? Zoroastrians? … the thousands of religions that aren’t yours are all stupid? Only you really know the one true religion. Why wouldn’t I reject this? What reasonable person would not reject this?

        Mike, if a loving god made you, why did he make you so terribly unpleasant? And why would I seek to allow him to re-make me to be as unpleasant as you are? You are a very poor (but all too typical) advertisement for your ilk.

        1. Let me guess. Your source is Zeitgeist (because there is no way you would present this if you had spent a little while familiarising yourself with what those earlier religions actually teach about their deities).

          Here’s just one, Merry Mithras!

          Look up the rest for yourself. You’re welcome.

          Admin note: Modified to remove link to pointless apologetics site. It’s not even funny!
          Link: beretta-online(.)com/wordpress/2009/merry-mithras/

          1. Let me guess: you think that biblical studies are more than a pointless circle jerk. Theology is how frightened, backwards idiots convince each other that they aren’t going to die. I didn’t care before I read your tired apologetics and I don’t care now. Thanks for dropping by. Try not to make a habit of it. This is loltheists.com and you aren’t even a little bit funny.

            1. I do work for a Global salvage onzarigation in Scientology In South Africa. For the simple reason I went to my church and ask were can I help to make a difference and serve my Father. I was told it’s under control. I sunk ed into apathy. How I got to work for Scientology Africa is a long story. But they asked me to help. If I could join your Ministry to reach lost souls and lead them to christ. Would be my greatest honor and my biggest dream. Could you help me making it a reality. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a Godly inspired day. ML. Maurithus

      2. the fact that the church made up a date for the birth of “christ” proves that the story of christ is to made up. The story is just plagirism of other beliefs before the so called jesus lived. the fact there was no “j” in the hebrew language is another big mistake the creaters of the bible made. not to mention the face that jews in that time held no power in rome and could not bring a man to trial convict or kill a man. plus blashphamy was not punishiable by death. the story was wrote close to 150 years after the death of the man called jesus

      3. To all defensive idiots out there! This only proves that there’s nothing to prove; in other words, history has been so much manipulated & tampered with, which lead to almost identical repetition of that “Theory/story”. Whether the theory is right or not – that’s a different matter altogether & which side of it to pick..? the Hindu side? The Greek side? or the Christian’s..? I find it more logical – for research sake, to assume ‘His’ appearance to these various human culture, over various time-scale, as it is unfair & narrow-minded to assume ‘his’ preaching aimed at the Israelites only! or the Ancient Greeks only…

        1. I agree, right on!Both and is love this either or egotism is ignorance which leads to in (fighting) and voilence.God is all energy love/compassion silence and ultimately sacred peace within everything. Peace

      4. The reason why they list the birth date of Jesus is to show that it was obviously chosen due to other mythological figures previously having that date, and combined it to match the winter festivals at the time.
        I also love the fact that as soon as you can’t disprove the other facts, you jump to the conclusion that it is a lie. You are too bigoted to assume that the Bible is fictitious. The fact that the Gospels are written 40 years at least after the death of Jesus, by people who didn’t know him, who weren’t in the same region as him, is a clear sign that it is not all going to be true.
        Also to say that atheists can not disprove gods is pathetic, one cannot disprove a unicorn, nor father Christmas; but due to no evidence of them existing we can assume that they don’t. This is the same as all gods, there is no evidence, no room for them in the universe, science is doing a pretty good job without needing to say ‘a big guy with magic powers did it’.
        Religion was a good idea a few thousand years ago when they couldn’t understand natural phenomena, but now that we are clever enough; well, some of us anyway, to understand the world around us, there is no room for any deity.
        Ow, and by the way, if you can prove god, or have any evidence I would love to hear it, also you will need to get it peer reviewed, then if all checks out, go and collect your Nobel Prize good sir!
        But until then, don’t be a bigot, open your mind. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but if it’s the only one you are willing to believe, that is the problem.
        Open your mind to the world around you.

      5. you can’t “prove” per se that God exists or doesn’t, since any proof would be empirical, requiring God to be formed of matter and thus finite, and so not a “God”. That’s why religion requires faith. I just think that an attitude of faith is subordinate and, frankly, damaging as it leads to a strong ascetic ideal, and empirical nihilism.

  1. Hello All.

    See the following from Gregory Koukl which responds to this issue showing it is a logical fallacy.

    The Zeitgeist Movie & Other Myth Claims about Jesus

    By: Gregory Koukl

    October 19 , 2008

    There’s a challenge to Christianity that seems to be growing in popularity: The Jesus we worship is just a fiction, a conglomeration of myths from the past. A film on the Internet called “Zeitgeist,” apparently well done, attempts to make the case that Jesus was a fiction created by cobbling together pieces of myths, such as Mithras and Zoathra. Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for the Real Jesus, has a whole chapter on this subject, and I recommend it highly for the case it makes for the historical Jesus. The challenge in “Zeitgeist” is why we should consider the stories of Adonis, Osiris, and the other pagan mystery saviors as fables, yet treat as factual essentially the same story told in a Jewish context.

    I want you to think about this for a moment. Part of what we do at Stand to Reason is, not just teach you what to think, but teach you how to think. So I’m going to sum up the argument, and I want you to ask yourself whether it works. What is the big idea of this challenge?

    People make the challenge that Jesus is a fiction. How do we know He’s a fiction? Because some of the details of His life have appeared in other literature from the past. There are some past mythical figures that have virtually all the characteristics Jesus has in the Gospels: born of a virgin, 12 disciples, betrayed by a friend, died and rose again, etc. The Jesus story is just a reworking of those myths. You can see bits and pieces of the details borrowed from different myths that are just cobbled together to create the story of Jesus. This is taken as evidence.

    Think about this. The claim is that Jesus is a fiction, a myth like the other so-called saviors in ancient literature. The evidence for that claim is pieces of seemingly similar detail from clearly and uncontroversially mythical characters. And the conclusion is that the story of Jesus must also be fictional.

    Is that a good argument? And if not, why not?

    I say these stories are allegedly similar because we are presuming the facts asserted in the challenge are true. In the Tactics book, you’ll find a chapter called “Just the Facts, Ma’am.” Sometimes certain challenges with regards to Christianity can be resolved by just getting the facts straight. And that’s one of the keys to answering this challenge. The facts in the challenge just aren’t accurate.

    Mithras is an individual in one of these mystery religions. The claim is that Mithras was born of a virgin and that’s a parallel with Jesus, but not even the mythical Mithras was born of a virgin. Mithras was born out of a rock so there is no parallel there. The challengers claim Mithras was born on December 25th, but Jesus wasn’t born on that date. There is no biblical or Christian claim that Jesus was actually born on this date. We simply celebrate His birth on that date.

    It turns out that a lot of the facts don’t match up as claimed. There are problems with the factual characterizations of these other mythologies insofar as they allegedly parallel the life of Jesus. But even if we take the facts offered at face value – even if Mithras was born of a virgin, and Jesus was born on December 25th – there’s something else even more fundamental with this challenge. This is a classic example of application of the Colombo tactic, the second question. Once we get a clear picture of what they believe—Jesus is a myth—we want to know why they believe it.

    Here’s the problem. This is an example of circular reasoning. It’s an example of assuming what you are trying to prove. (It also falters in another way and I’ll explain that in a moment.) I have said in the past that whenever anyone attacks something other than the Christian claim itself that they’re missing the point. For example, they are missing the point when we say that Jesus is the Messiah, risen from the dead, and someone responds by sayings that we believe that only because we were raised in a Christian country. Notice how these objections are not focusing on the idea, they’re focusing on you. That’s a mistake. That should be a red flag whenever the argument is about something else.

    So what is the something else here? The something else is the myths. So Jesus is a fictitious person. How do you know? I know because I have these other myths. What does the evidence of myths from the past, even prior to the time of Christ that sound like Christ, have to do with whether Jesus is a historical person? Here’s the answer: absolutely nothing. Those myths are unrelated to the question of whether Jesus’ story is true. Those myths are only valuable if you first determine that Jesus is a fiction by looking at the primary source historical documentation. If you look at the historical record and decide that it is unreliable, if you first conclude that there is no good reason to believe that Jesus of Nazareth existed the way the Biblical records say He did, then it might then, and only then be useful to ask the question: How did this story come to be?

    Here I’m using C.S. Lewis’s words: “It does no good to talk about how a person came to be wrong unless you first establish that he is wrong to begin with.”

    Here’s why he lied. Do you notice that when I make that statement—Here’s why he lied—I am presuming something? He lied. I have to show that a person lied before it makes any sense to say that I have good reasons to show why he lied. We first have to show that Jesus is a fiction before it makes any sense to ask how the fiction came to be. All of this evidence from other myths turns out to be evidence for how a fiction could come to be, but only after you know it is a fiction. It is not evidence that it’s a fiction. That’s a different question. Yet that is how this evidence is offered in “Zeitgeist” and other times I’ve heard it.

    So why should we consider the stories of Osiris, Dionysus, Adonis, and Addis as myth, yet think Jesus of Nazareth is history? The answer is because there is good primary source documentation for the latter and not for the former, for Jesus of Nazareth and not for the others. The documentation is very different. And if the historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth taken on its own merits is good, then it doesn’t matter if there are other myths that have some similar details.

    Michael Shermer raises this myth challenge in his debates with Christians. He says there are other dying messiahs and rising messiahs all over ancient literature. Jesus is just another one of them.

    Part of my response to that is this. I could go up to Michael Shermer and say to him that he was Michael Shermer, right? And when he responded he was, I could say no, he couldn’t be. Why not? Because I just met five different people who said they were Michael Shermer in the last three weeks. Of course, it doesn’t mean this is the real Shermer no matter how many imposters there are. The existence of imposters doesn’t undermine the possibility that there could be the real Shermer. That fact is determined by different information and not by counting the heads of the impostors.

    Did you know there’s a book that was written around the turn-of-the-last-century about a ship that was an unsinkable ship, which hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank? The name of the ship was the Titan. This is remarkable because some 15 years later the Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg. Now what if you had read the novel and then later heard that a ship called the Titanic had actually sunk? I’m sure you can see that rejecting the story of the Titanic on its face would be foolish only because you’d read a novel similar to the actual event. Whether or not the Titanic sank is determined by the evidence for its sinking, unrelated to any other fictional stories that were like it.

    By the same token, the story of Jesus described in the primary source documents, the historical documents we know popularly as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, stands alone on its own merit. The story stands or falls on the strength of the historical evidence.

    If it turns out, based on the historical information, Jesus’ story is false, then it becomes interesting to ask where such a story come from if it isn’t rooted in history. But you only do that work, the explaining how the fiction came to be, after you can demonstrate by separate evidence the story is a fiction to begin with. And that’s what’s wrong with “Zeitgeist” and every other similar challenge.

    This is a transcript of a commentary from the radio show “Stand to Reason,” with Gregory Koukl. It is made available to you at no charge through the faithful giving of those who support Stand to Reason. Reproduction permitted for non-commercial use only. ©1995 Gregory Koukl

    For more information, contact Stand to Reason at 1438 East 33rd St., Signal Hill, CA 90755
    (800) 2-REASON (562) 595-7333 http://www.str.org

    1. The real reason why it’s not a good argument really, is because at one time those stories were believed by real living people too. The story of Jesus is only about I would say a bit less than 2000 years old, this is very young in the grand scheme of “myths” the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Indians and Persians believed in them for a long time, some still do and if you look at the date, that is before the time of Jesus. So let’s just say Jesus is “mainstream” right now.

  2. Firstly; thank you for this web-site, and giving both sides of this debate a forum in which to express their views.

    I’m 39 years old and became a christian at 18. During this period I have studied theology full-time, been a leader in a Baptist church plant, served as a deacon at my local Baptist church, studied theology at Spurgeon’s College, London and had a ministry preaching and teaching the truth as laid out in the bible.

    My personal experience of Christ and relationship with him was my world; it was literally my reason for living; I can’t stress this point enough. Please don’t imagine for one second that my commitment to God was anything but the very fabric of my universe.

    I began to question my faith after a long and crippling illness; when I had reached a place where I had nothing left but the belief that God was willing and able to help me, I prayed until I couldn’t pray anymore. The answer I got was silence…it still is.

    I’m the most content I’ve ever been, I’ve never felt stronger or more devoted to my family and friends, I sleep well at night, I think I finally know what real peace is…

    I’m an atheist.

    If you have the courage to understand why I can make a statement like that, take a good look at John Remsberg’s book ‘The Christ’ it’ll be tough but worth it!

    1. Hi Triz3.

      LOLTheists.com doesn’t really seek to give a forum for debate. It’s just that we only delete rude comments (ad hominem attacks). People can say what they like if they’re polite.

      We try to engage people in logical, reasoned discussion but all to often they are driven by their beliefs to be hostile and rude.

      Personally, I am always befuddled by people who actually believe in religion. I just cannot get my head around the idea that someone could look at religion and think that it represents an actual history.

      The Christ does look like a bit of fun but I can’t see that it would be much of a challenge for me. It would be more like just humming along to a familiar tune. If you saw the pile of books beside my bed you would show me a bit of mercy and not recommend more :)

      Thanks sharing your story. I hope you share it with people often. I suspect there are a lot of people in religion looking for a way out. Exit stories will help them make there way. I’ve been enjoying the Living After Faith podcast lately. It has lots of good stories of people leaving their religion. http://livingafterfaith.blogspot.com.au/

  3. Jesus is just another myth…and not even a very interesting one at that so the xtians had to make up all kinds of bad guys to spice it up a bit. So that that people still are stuck in that.

  4. Gregory Koukl presents a highly flawed argument.

    He’s tried to justify his position by stating that there was a book about a supposedly unsinkable ship called Titan that ran into an iceberg and sunk on it’s maiden voyage, then pointed out the similarities in the Titanic disaster. He then asks if this makes the Titanic sinking a myth. Well, no. Of course not. It’s well documented, the ship itself has been located, filmed, etc. It’s a coincidence.

    Had there been half a dozen stories of ships called Titan, Titus, Titanium, etc, on maiden voyages running into icebergs and sinking prior to Titanic, I’d have said that we’ve gone WAY past coincidence and have wondered off into a conspiracy theory that needs investigating.

    But there haven’t been that many books. Gregory named the one. So, a coincidence.

    But then he claims that the events prior to Jesus were all mythical yet the story of Jesus is real because it’s been well documented. Really? Stories gathered from nameless sources hundreds of years after the death of Jesus (assuming here that he existed at all) is not what I’d call “well documented”. If that’s what qualifies, then Robin Hood is a real character, too.

    Sorry, Gregory Koukl. You’re as sunk as the Titanic.

  5. First of all I would like to say a big congratulations to everyone who managed to deliver their message calmly and in a well worded manner.I have nothing but respect for those who stand by what they believe in and am always open to debate and criticism if it is deserving. After all I cannot pretend to know everything, and in all honesty I hope I never will. Where is the fun in that after all. Any way allow me to first say that I come from a family who are deeply rooted in the christian faith. To be more specific the episcopal church. I have a grandfather who has served as a pastor for many, many years. (See his book, Pastors at Risk, by Chuck Wickman)But despite these roots I have found myself to be an atheist after many hours researching and studying on my own. By far the biggest source of fuel for me to becoming an atheist was in fact the Bible itself. It is positively filled with contradictions and moralities that no longer apply to a modern world. I found it comical in fact that such a large amount of the population could devote so much time to a religion they hardly understood and knew very little about outside what their pastors,priests, or parents told them. But I took a closer look and I can honestly say that I see their need for a God now. It has always been a battle between curiosity and the absolute attraction to the idea that you can be immortal. The idea is intriguing and the bible makes the consequences very clear for non-believers. So it would make sense to attempt to shield yourself in the blanket of Christ forsake all others and obey. But to me its as simple as this. I do not understand the paradox of the universe or how it came to be. All though I will search for an answer much of my life I doubt I will ever have one. But I accept that as reality and accept that with or without me this world will go on as it always has. Some say that is a dismal life and why would you want to live without meaning? To them I say “you as a christian who worships the idea of kindness no question could be more rude.” To assume that I as an atheist have nothing to live for and that my life is meaningless is a wicked thing to say. My life matters to me! To the ones I love, I will be remembered in their hearts and that is good enough for me. I am not so arrogant as to need my life to be have a universal meaning even though I must admit it has its appeal. I will do my utmost day in and day out to be a good person because my conscious demands it not because a book demands a conscious. For that I will be rewarded with many friends and loved ones and a cold beer at the end of a hard days work. Good enough for me. Amen.

  6. this proves that this is a copied version of previous stories that were the same. Jesus may have not even walked the earth,i myself pay more attention to the message and not the messenger anyway. You notice that in all religion people start worshiping the messenger instead of applying the wisdom spoken by the messenger to their life. There is no deny that the story of jesus is not original.

  7. Article is 2 years old, so I hope you have your same believes about this, but how a simple man as you can be more wise that many man that have written the books of the bible? Did you read everything to know what can help you or not? If you did it, you are a real wise man, if not, you are just giving a personal opinion without any true fact, actually I’m doing the same…

    1. Yes. I still reject the non-evidence for your god claim/s.
      Yes, I still reject arguments from authority from people you think are wise.
      Did you read everything about ancient history, biology, physics, cosmology… as a theist you have to reject solid science to embrace your immortality fantasy.
      I am not a wise man (you assume I’m male). I never claimed to be wise. But I’m wise enough to know that religion is fucking stupid.
      If you want to see that the mythical characters listed have these characteristics you only need look them up.

      This is loltheists.com. We are laughing at you.

      1. So, you just admit it, you are a “wise” man/woman, who knows more than Christians, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, Baha’i, … I doubt you have enough criteria to even know the 1% of any of these religions. But it’s fine, this is your subjective blog. Good luck with that ;)

        1. You list “Christians, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, Baha’i…” as if there’s a difference. They all based on invisible, supernatural creator beings mentioned in revealed texts. Any study after that is simply pointless.

          I’m not even looking at their claims until they produce some evidence for the existence of their magic friends. Claims without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

          You finish with “subjective blog”. Knowledge does not get much more subjective than revealed religion.

  8. No point in getting hung up on the ins and outs of specific religions until you know there’s a god who wants worshiping, after you establish that, then you figure out what kind of worship.

    If you discover there is no god, after thorough research, why would you bother figuring out which religion has it least wrong? One says 2+2=3, one says 2+2=5, why would you argue. If you get 4, then yeah, you kinda do know more than the others.

    Rarely (if ever) does an atheist base their ‘non belief’ on blind faith and believing what they’ve been told, therefore a group of people who consistently seek information, vs dumbed down, controlled, trusting groups of people. Which would you think had it right?

  9. awesome pile of lies.

    Someone’s been listening to popular lies and misinformation. Horus was not born of a virgin, no star in the east, no 12 disciples, and his resurrection was extremely different.

    And Jesus was not born on December 25 – that is not mentioned in the Bible at all. In fact, if shepherds were in the field the night he was born in Bethlehem, he was probably born in the spring or summer.)

    I’m not sure about the others, but if your Horus statements are a sign of your reliability, then your website is sunk.

  10. I just did some more searching on Krishna, Attis, and others.

    Yup – your website is the pile of lies and misinformation that I thought it was. Krishna was definitely not born of a virgin, there’s no star in the east (no shepherds or wise men either BTW). Attis was not crucified – he emasculated himself and bled to death, and he did not rise from the dead. Mithra never died, was taken off into heaven in a chariot (sounds more like Elijah) So glad there are people out there ready to spread lies – and so sad so many people will swallow them without even a quick, tiny investigation like I just did.

    1. Please keep coming back and keep posting your pointless, unreferenced refutations of a stupid joke so I can point and laugh at you. Only an idiot theist could actually take this seriously.

      Does it say anywhere that this is a thoroughly fact checked site? Why would I bother to check the facts of creation myths? By their very nature they don’t have facts… just mythology… it says so right there in the name. In the end I find all of these mythical creatures are difficult to tell apart, they have the overarching commonality, absolute bullshit defended by idiots.

      I wonder how many of your fellow Horus’ devotees have their panties in a knot over this?

  11. These are not even facts. Wake up people or be homo. You pick. It’s that too blunt for ya? Sorry I forgot because I’m a Christian I’m supposed to never get angry, never show my humanness…. Etc., etc.

    1. Here it is, by Walker3ok@hotmail.com ‘s own adminssion, Christian kindness in action. Hating GLBTI people for Jesus.

      We have to “wake up” and accept his world view or be a “homo”? I won’t submit to your false dichotomy. Why can’t I reject your puerile religious beliefs, just like you reject Islam as self-evidently false, without being homosexual? What about all the homosexual Christians? They accept Jesus and are gay. Careful, a No True Scotsman fallacy just sprang into your mind.

      You are a Christian and you are picking me up on fact checking? Hilarious! Your entire world view is based on the most stupid stories in holy book written by goat herders living on a flat, geostationary Earth. If they lacked insight into some of their most basic circumstances, why would I accept their explanations for the origins of life?

      I wonder why all these theis-tards are coming here?

  12. Peace & love to you brother or sister. Your beliefs and/or opinions will be respected & accepted without Judging and debating. But I will pray for you. Peace God bless You.

    1. No thanks. Instead of that wasted effort why not go and help an elderly neighbour… that would be actually doing something. This world has enough misery without you grovelling at the feet of your non-existent tyrant.

  13. [Attention all of you theists who are so excited about Zeitgeist being wrong: I simply don’t care!

    Your god is made up like every other god.]

    But you just stated that you don’t care if the information YOU SPREAD is made up!

    You’re PROJECTING.

      1. Hello Marithus, I appreciate your inrquiy into joining GodRing. Unfortunately the way this ministry and website is designed, it doesn’t require a team. It’s really just the content I bring from different groups to one place (or create).I strongly welcome you to contact any of our members however. As most of them are full ministries that could use more people. You can find links to their websites under Members on the right column.Alternately, I’d like to encourage you to taking that step yourself. Ministries are created every day to fill the need commissioned by Jesus Christ. It takes one person stepping forward. So if you can’t find a ministry to join, take that leap and make one. Also, remember that reaching lost souls does not require a ministry group. There are shelters, homeless, and fatherless everywhere that don’t necessarily need a big ministry to help them, but rather just a single helping hand.God Bless you Maurithus, and I hope you find the outlet you need. Never give up, and always remember that in Christ all things are possible.

  14. Let’s all write a new book, but updating it (yet again) with:
    -Mentioning the shape of the planet.
    -Mentioning evolution (This is no longer a theory, Do some research).
    -Everything happening in the book happened everywhere, Not just a 10 mile radius of the guy writing the book.
    -No insane stories of talking snakes.
    -No idiocy of a boat having 2 of every creature aboard it (there are estimated to be 5 million different creatures on this planet today, which is less than 1% of the creatures that have been alive on this planet).

      1. Gravity is a theory, dumbass. Do you deny that as well? There are NO “facts” in science. If you think “theory” is a guess, you obviously haven’t the slightest clue what the scientific method consists of.
        Please, google “scientific method” before you idiotically point out that yes, evolution IS a theory.
        The only idea structure with immobile, so called “facts”, is religion. Of course, none of those facts can be substantiated, but when you’re an ignorant sheep, who cares about that, right?

  15. So here is the rub… Even if “Jesus” was a real person the Romans changed his name. He was a Hebrew or a Jew if you will that May have gone by the name “Yeshua” or as I like to say Josh. So how kindly do all you catholic/Christian a-holes think he would take being called by his slave name for 2000 some oD years?

    “what’s your name?”

    *heavy breathing* “kunta, kunta kinte”

    *sound of whip*

    “no,your name is toby,now what’s your name?”

    *heavy breathing* “kunta, kunta kinte”

    *sound of whip with extra force*


    *heavy breathing* kunta………kinte

    *sound of a much more painful lashing of the whip*


    “kunt— toby”

    1. Krishna wasn’t born of a virgin, he was the 8th child.. and he did die… also he didn’t come back to life.. plus Krishna artefacts are estimated to be 5500 years old.. the latest one was found in northern Russia

  16. Can you give your sources for the birth at 25th december of Horus. Is it somewhere written in an hyroglieph? Idem for Attis, where is it written that i was born on the 25th december?
    Our modern calender wasn’t even existing at the time they wrote about Horus and Attis.

    1. It’s funny how you want a source for Horus but not for Jesus. Do you have a source for the latter’s date of birth. Hint: The Bible isn’t an independent source.

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