Confirmation Bias works in Islam too.

Surah Ar-Rahman (55):

37. When the sky is torn apart, so it is (like) a red rose, like ointment

38. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Humans wander around looking at things saying: “That looks like a rose” or similar.
OK, so it looks like a rose.  What about the rest of the sentence. Was the sky torn apart?
This didn’t happen in the sky, this happened in space. In what way is it like ointment.

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  1. This surah was written 1400years ago.would you think the people will believe the word nebula, space etc? In Islam, we believe that there are 7layers of sky, and ours as being the lowest. It is a word chosen to describe the sky/space. Since aeroscience was developed much later, will people believe when the word from lord contains ‘nonsense’ vocab ?(as what they would think ). Yes, it does look like the rose was polished by ointment.If this is just a coincidence, it must be a very odd one. The sentence when the sky is torn apart described about the dying star which exploded. Then again, it didn ‘t use bombastic words to accord with the human knowledge at that time

    1. “1400 years ago” is an appeal to antiquity. If older is better, why don’t you believe in the Jewish god? If newer is better, why don’t you believe in the Morman god?

      An omniscient being should know a way to tell us something we don’t understand… or that being isn’t omniscient.

      “7 layers of sky” In what way does this represent the proven, documented reality of the universe? I don’t mind if you believe there are 7 layers of sky but, given that there isn’t, don’t offer your belief as proof for your god/s. It would have been more useful for an omniscient being to give us a basic diagram of the form that our solar system takes at least. Instead we are offered an ignorant current opinion of the form our sky takes.

      How does one polish a rose with ointment? Who would even attempt to do such a thing? Have you ever done it? Did it look like this in the end? I would imagine an ointment polished rose would look like a mush of rose and ointment, actually very little like a rose. Just all ointment and bruised rose goo.

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