“Good” book

I avoid the word “moral” in favour of the word “ethical”.  “Moral” has become such loaded language.

I think (and am happy to stand corrected) that ethics says that this outcome is good so the action was good whereas morality says that an action is good if it complies with the moral code regardless of whether the outcome is good or not.  For example: fundamentalist Muslims believe that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were morally good because it was the will of Allah for non-Muslims to die.  A bad action for morally good reasons.  Moderate Muslims disagree because of the suffering that occurred but don’t want to criticise their fellow Muslims so they give them cover (another bad action compliant with moral codes so seen as good).

Ethically speaking, the bad outcome is the only thing that matters so the attack has no redeeming features.


Confirmation Bias works in Islam too.

Surah Ar-Rahman (55):

37. When the sky is torn apart, so it is (like) a red rose, like ointment

38. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Humans wander around looking at things saying: “That looks like a rose” or similar.
OK, so it looks like a rose.  What about the rest of the sentence. Was the sky torn apart?
This didn’t happen in the sky, this happened in space. In what way is it like ointment.

Arrogant Atheism

Religions tell us that their world view is the key to humility. Humility, to me, excludes thinking that a supernatural being created a universe 13billion light years wide so that he could test your faith and make sure you aren’t having same sex or pre-marital sex. Really? That’s what humility means to you?  That’s pretty funny.

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