Why is it 2008 if the world is “millions of years old”?

21 Facts that Evolutionists CAN’T ANSWER!
#10 If the world is “millions of years old” why is it only 2008?

I wish I could say that this is Poe but I suspect, especially
given the illogical responses in the Hermione post, that this level of
reasoning is what we can expect.
It’d be a strawman argument, if it only had a brain.

J. K. Rowling

The Potter books in general are a prolonged argument for tolerance, a prolonged plea for the end of bigotry, and I think it’s on of the reasons that some people don’t like the books, but I think that it’s a very healthy message to pass on to younger people that you should question authority and you should not assume that the establishment or the press tells you all the truth. JK Rowling